Me and My Area Rugs

If I sit and think about it I realize that I have more rugs in my home than anybody I have ever met. Every room in my house has got at least one, whether is a shag area rug or a spaghetti leather rug, they make my living comfortable and eliminate the need to buy a carpet.

Even the bathroom has a beautiful little yellow-beige shag area rug that it is a pleasure to step onto when I get out of the walk in shower. Of course there’s also a white shag rug where feet rest near the toilet but everyone has one of them, don’t they? Oh, and I nearly forgot, there’s also a small ‘something’ shaggy under the wash basin to keep my feet snug when washing my hands.

Although the bathroom is relatively small, I have managed to cover most of the floor with rugs, mostly shag because it’s the softest and coziest of all area rugs I can buy in the region (but I must say that Granada is a rug heaven).

My Shag-less Seaside Sisal

I also have a really big sisal rug near the entrance, but I keep it rolled up and take it to the seaside (I go to a beach about a half hour away to swim every other day) and the sisal mat is fantastic. I know people say it shouldn’t get wet, but mine has sand and seawater and salt in it and looks like new after a shake.

My Persian Rug (not shaggy either)

Is that all? Nope. I have a real antique masterpiece of an area rug. It’s not shag. It’s a Persian wool rug that came from Poland and has been in my husband’s family for a long time…It’s a really unique piece of rug because Warsaw was destroyed and there are almost no antiques, especially no antique wool area rugs that started their life in Persia, somehow got to Poland, survived the wars and has now found a home in Spain.

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