Massive UFO Sighting In Fayetteville, North Carolina.

Massive UFO Sighting In Fayetteville, North Carolina. These Giant orbs were filmed in Fayetteville, north Carolina and submitted to the MUFON database yester…
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The Most Compelling UFO Photos Shot In A Long Time! Northern CA On the Way Home A Woman Manages To Capture Possible Smoking GUN Evidence Of What Looks To Be A Metallic Flying Saucer …

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  1. Why are these ufo’s lighting up at all? They don’t have to do that. It’s
    obvious their technology is far-advanced and superior to ours because they
    can get here and remain in one piece. Why call attention? What is really
    going on here? 

  2. We saw these last year in August, complete with the almost hummingbird like
    movements, or “dancing”, and the trailers, or after images (which is what I
    convinced myself later that they had to be, a trick of my eye). Whatever
    these new things are, I really don’t think they are from around here. It’s
    all the things you can rule out that intrigues me with these things.

  3. The ET orbs don’t seem to mind being seen by humans. Being that bright,
    it’s as if they are practically screaming out to us, “hey, humans, we’re
    here, we’re here!!!”

  4. yeah it seems to me that there is something strange going on in that area.
    They should search the area for missing clues they might find something

  5. Same thing I saw and filmed a few years ago, they had like a fire that
    emanated from the bottom of them but you could just about see the
    triangular shape of the craft, not lit up by the light at all.

  6. So glad you posted this! My husband and I were present to see this. We were
    driving at the intersection of Morganton and Bonanza, traveling east,
    stopped at a light, and were just baffled by what we were seeing.
    Unfortunately, we had to move on when the light turned, and there was no
    place to pull off to watch. We lost sight of it after about 2 minutes.We
    know of no military craft or commercial that would make those patterns, and
    the area it was viewed in is in the opposite direction of the bases where
    military aircraft would be conducting tests or drops. Remarkable!

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  8. Yeah, I know what it is…. it’s clearly a fake, and here’s why….

    The 3 photos were supposedly taken with a hand held camera (ie not a
    dashcam) but comparing the 3 photos, the orientation and positioning of the
    camera in relation to the view from the passengers seat is *exactly the
    same* in all 3 shots. It is the same photo, with the “UFO” added in post

    Nice try +thirdphaseofmoon, maybe next time you can remember to use 3
    different shots. 

  9. +Carl Thomas Many, in fact, MOST of the videos here are obvious fakes to me
    and I have seen some that I believe to be real. I haven’t spent any time
    reviewing this particular video, but whether it’s real or not, Blake
    Cousins doesn’t really make much for them. If you figure about $1.47/1000
    views, then consider how much money and time he spends, also just traveling
    expenses alone, total his views per quarter, and he doesn’t even make gas
    money. This particular video has made him about $50 so far at 32,867 views.
    My math isn’t precise, just a guestimation, but as a fellow monetized page
    owner, it only pays for Taco Tuesday to be honest.

  10. 00:17 pause and look at what’s laying next to the magnifying lens and
    camera… that should of been noticed before posting the video.

  11. Its the light on her table used in her car. Front windshield reflecting it
    , try it yourself its an easy hoax. Them Cousins have no experience after
    looking at years of footage to tell fake from real?

  12. Hahahaha wants to remain enominous but yet throws her name in shit in the
    description. U guys are getn way out of control with all this fake as fuck
    shit and cgi crap you guys a posting.
    Un subn due to crap crap and more crap

  13. Third-time-a-bafoon.. Aside from some of the worst interviewing skills…
    Thirdphase just reairs posts from viewers. As much as I can’t stand the
    amateurish appallingly horrific interviewing skills… I dont think they
    would fake what they show. It would b the end of their YouTube career to
    pull that crap…. I think whether or not the photo is real is besides the
    point. But I don’t think third phase has anything to do with the hoaxes 

  14. Once again thirdphaseofmoon uploads a bullshit video to youtube, these
    pictures have been made on photoshop and printed out, then filmed on camera
    in order to hide how obviously fake they are, why else are they not
    uploaded as the original digital photo, why show printed copies of the
    original. The woman are is probably blakes mum’,s and they paid his Mexican
    cleaning lady $5 to do a quick voice over.

    thirdphaseofmoon is a disgrace to the UFO community, they spam there videos
    to drown out any authentic videos and distract people from what it real and
    what isn’t by purposely uploading fakes in order to create doubt in peoples

  15. I’m sure it’s just light and shadows but you have the original video so you
    can take a much closer look but it looks like there is an alien standing in
    the edge of the trees to the left of the craft so please take a look who
    knows may be more to this than just a craft. Thanks John Cross

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