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0 thoughts on “Lindberg 1/48 Roswell UFO with Alien Figure Model Kit # 91005 Open Box Review

  1. I have the Area 51 kit when it was under the Testors label, it’s good size.
    Haven’t built it yet because of the size. This is interesting because I
    didn’t realize R2 combined the 2 kit’s. I think the ship originally came
    with a crash site display base. I like your idea on the scale pattern. Me,
    hmmm, I’d go with Dupli-Color flip flop paint, it’s called Mirage. Then
    black wash to get between the scales.

  2. Very cool. I have the figure, but not the 2 kits in one box. This will be
    interesting to see how you tackle this kit. Thanks for sharing.
    Never stop building! Take Care.

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