Jacobsville Books Releases New Book to Answer the Question: Is Bigfoot Just a Big Ape?

Lake Linden, Michigan (PRWEB) November 21, 2013

For centuries, stunned witnesses have reported face-to-face encounters with the bizarre beasts responsible for mystifying us with the tantalizing evidence they leave behind. Mysterious footprints. Eerie screams. Countless books and documentaries have offered up the same explanation: Bigfoot are nothing more than large, bipedal apes that mainstream science refuses to accept as real.

Truth or disinformation?

Now, Lisa A. Shiel author of the acclaimed ‘Backyard Bigfoot’ presents the uncensored facts about Bigfoot in a meticulously researched, no-holds-barred exploration of the phenomenon. ‘Forbidden Bigfoot: Exposing the Controversial Truth about Sasquatch, Stick Signs, UFOs, Human Origins, and the Strange Phenomena in Our Own Backyards’ (Jacobsville Books, 2013, ISBN 978-1-934631-29-4) exposes the startling connections between Sasquatch and other unexplained phenomena, from UFOs and fairies to stick signs and crop-circle-like formations.

Rather than regurgitating famous sightings and well-known theories, author Shiel exposes the truth behind the theories through personal interviews with other researchers, in-depth analysis of scientific and anecdotal data, and explorations of the author’s personal experiences with Bigfoot and other unexplained phenomena.

Presented in full color and lavishly illustrated with a complete bibliography, Forbidden Bigfoot fills a niche in the fascinating research behind one of cryptozoologys most enduring mysteries. As always, Lisa Shiel steps forward with bold answers demonstrating that:

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