Is the President of the United States Aware of Alien/UFO Activity?

Written by J.S. Thompson


Every president of the United States who has taken office since Harry Truman, has been made aware of, or has personally met and has been in contact with aliens/advanced beings (AB’s)! All presidents since Harry Truman, have without exception, when asked by the uninformed about involvement with these beings… have denied any involvement, as they should! Why do I say that?

These advanced beings operate on, in and around the earth with impunity and there is nothing that the U.S. government can do about it. There is no logical reason why any government official should ever reveal this unless a solution to this intrusion can be discovered.

When confronted with a problem by its citizenry, a president must provide a solution and the president does not have a solution at this time. This denial will change when a solution is found, if ever!

From my perspective, the question becomes, why I am telling you this? It is not my intention to frighten anyone or act irresponsibly by divulging knowledge of these issues that cannot be resolved. However, there is a solution and hoping that the U.S. security service has its ears on. It’s important that they listen!

First of all, the website site: where my articles are published, is a site where those who visit are truth seekers, seeking information. Those who read my material are those who have already considered the existence of aliens/technologically advanced human beings (AB’s). Therefore, the existence of these beings does not frighten but rather intrigues and mystifies. My readers seek information independently but the “group think” of the general population, the status quo, is quite different. People who are frightened of aliens don’t seek out the object of their fear but rather, are content to remain within the cocoon of self-deceit and social psychosis.

These AB’s begin to fear us when our technological development reaches the nuclear stage. This is when they begin contacting the leadership of all countries who are on the fast track to modern technological development. They initiate this by radio transmission and then follow up with a personal visit from an AB diplomat, with representatives of the government, to include; the chief of security, his representative or the president himself. During this meeting, the AB’s ask diplomatically; for our government to avoid nuclear testing and to uphold declared no fly zones, in specific areas. If we cooperate, the AB’s pledge to assist us in the development of advanced technology.

Some presidents have taken a combative stance with the AB’s and other presidents have cooperated completely. In all communications with the AB’s, the U.S. government has also asked them to respect certain strategic areas of ours, such as military installations, citizen civil rights, etc.

There is not just one group of AB’s that the U.S. government has had to communicate with. There are several; and this agreement is made eventually with most of them.  Of course, the AB’s who have underground installations below possible nuclear testing sites would be the first to make contact and so forth. Some AB’s have not made contact because there is no immediate threat to them.

Although the U.S. government has the capability of constant contact with these beings, they know very little about them. They don’t know where they come from, they know very little about how their technology works other than, it is far superior to ours. As a tradeoff for our cooperation, they (one of the groups) have given us a craft to study and the U.S. military is in possession of so called alien bodies. We have also captured a so called alien and kept him in captivity until his death or more aptly stated… deactivation. Government scientists and other representatives of the U.S. government have also witnessed a demonstration of a device that appeared to be an anti-gravity device.

Additionally, scientists have also seen a demonstration of a computer like device which appeared to have recorded events from antiquity. This device also demonstrated, at least in the minds of the observers, a diagram of the star system from which these beings came. However, this was not accurate! These beings do not come from another star system or even from another planet within our own solar sector but rather their planet of origin is this planet… planet earth. This demonstration like all demonstrations they allow us to see, are simply stated, diplomatic deceit!

With regard to the captured alien… this occurred when an alien craft was shot down by U.S. forces when it was sighted on radar flying over a military installation. The craft made a crash landing and one survivor was taken into custody. The captured alien eventually died in captivity.

The truth about this incident: First of all, all alien craft incidents or radar observations by the military are AB military operations, generally for matters of intelligence and propaganda! These multi-dimensional craft are rarely seen by radar. Incidents where they are seen occur as a result of pilot error more so than equipment malfunction. When these abnormalities do occur, the advanced computer on board instantly goes into a failsafe or “shielded mode” at which time, they recover stealthily and very quickly. In other words, when there is a problem on board, craft and crew disappear unless they want to be seen or captured!

Advanced beings, for the most part, fly their own craft and become skilled at doing so, some more than others. It is the philosophy of all advanced cultures, eventually, to perform as many tasks as humanly possible using their own abilities and reasoning. This prevents them from deteriorating into emotionless robots. It is part of any advanced culture, to perform as many tasks as possible without using their computer. To these beings, the computer represents life itself but can also, if not handled delicately, create a life not worth living.

The captured alien being was not a being at all but rather a very sophisticated robot. I can assure you, even if it were possible for an AB to be captured, his comrades would have rescued him or her almost immediately. These AB’s are very clannish! Death of any one of their number is anathema. This event was staged by the AB’s, as have been “all” with few exceptions, UFO sightings and afore mentioned incidents!

One of the greatest accidents regarding our association with AB’s resulted in the deaths of military personnel after being invited to an alien base to discuss no fly zones, nuclear testing and other areas of concern.

A major problem with our association with these AB’s, concerns their secretiveness. Our government was not aware that there are many groups of these beings who do not communicate with each other often, if at all. These different beings have varying levels of technology and communicate with each other in the same way that they communicate with us, only when need necessitates it.

Since U.S. officials were not aware this was another group of beings, they were caught off guard when asked to disarm by the AB’s before going any further in the tunnel which led to the designated meeting place. When the military personnel who were acting as security for these U.S. government officials, took a defensive posture, weapons were discharged and several, both U.S. and AB military personnel were injured and or killed. It wasn’t until later, those U.S. officials became aware the AB’s which they had fought with, were not the same AB’s we had made an agreement with during the Truman and other administrations.

Every time a U.S. nuclear test site is relocated, the possibility of meeting with another group of AB’s becomes possible but since they never say who they are or where they are located, at least until this incident, it was impossible for us to know. Now, we do know that there are several groups of these beings but we are still in the dark as to how many and where they come from. The U.S. government needs to remain cognizant, that there still remain several groups of these beings that have never made contact with them.

The AB’s do have sophisticated advanced multi-dimensional computers on board their ships but even so, the fact remains, that there have been many collisions and or disruption of airflow resulting in a crash with our military as well as private and commercial aircraft. One would be amazed if they were aware of the high volume of AB flight traffic. They collide with aircraft on occasion or disrupt the air flow of the engines causing the craft to stall and frequently, to crash.                                

Even though we generally can’t see these craft, it doesn’t mean that they are in “other dimensional” mode. These craft are not usually in “other dimensional mode” with the exception of their thrusters, which remain “other dimensional”. The cabin of the craft becomes “other dimensional” at a designated point in space, where the corridors of space or electron conduits they fly in are large enough to accommodate the size of the craft.  The thrusters as well as all moving parts of the thrusters are all in opposing dimensions. This is how these craft can fly so fast without producing heat. These craft do produce heat because the moving parts of the thrusters do make contact with one another but they don’t make contact at the atomic level of space but rather, in quantum or even sub quantum space, depending on the level of the technology of the craft. The heat that is produced makes its way eventually into atomic space but when one considers the relative motion of particle orbit and the opposing forces of unnatural heat moving from quantum or sub quantum space to atomic space, then it will take a very long time for it to arrive. In their minds the use of this technology is rationalized because the potential environmental hazard will be delayed long enough into the future, for them to find a solution.

Other than high speed travel, being “other dimensional”, has no empirical value. Shielding conceals the image of the craft by projecting an image of the crafts surroundings, like a computerized video image on the outside of the craft. Anywhere these craft might be seen, they are well concealed.   

With regard to the technology that has been shared with us; the craft that was given to us is not authentic. Granted it does amaze and astound our scientists but it will not open the door to advanced technology such as the AB’s have! The last thing the AB’s want, is to allow us to develop technology that will threaten them in the future. In fact, this craft will lead us in the wrong direction. That’s not to say that we won’t develop new technologies related to its study because we have, but it won’t lead us in the direction of the technology that they the AB’s have!

When we cooperate with the AB’s, in return for our cooperation, we request information which we hope will give us some clues about how to understand and develop technology which will allow us to operate and build craft such as the one we have been given to study. The scientists, who study this craft, need to understand its shape has nothing to do with aerodynamics. It is shaped that way in order to fit into a structure in space; I refer to as an electron conduit.  One other important fact about this craft is that the so called on board power pack is a fraud. These craft have huge thrusters which cannot be seen in this dimension.

As part of our agreement with the AB’s, a group of our scientists accompanied by high ranking members of the U.S. military and security service were invited to an AB  underground base to observe a demonstration of a device that might give us some hints about their technology. This group entered a test room and were given oxygen masks to put on. An AB scientist, as part of this demonstration, fired a high speed beam from a device and for a few seconds made all in the room experience weightlessness.

When the AB’s give us information of any kind, they do not elaborate as to the nature of the technology; they show us something with few if any words and they expect us to figure out how it works on our own. However, any interaction with these beings is an elaborately conceived propaganda device and staged to lead us away from their agenda. In short they are not going to give us anything! For instance, the so called anti-gravity demonstration only kept our scientists from looking in the right direction for the answers to advanced flight. As a result of this propaganda, our scientists are as far away from understanding gravity as they have always been. Current technology doesn’t understand what gravity is and therefore; our wrong assumptions about gravity were only reinforced by this demonstration.

As hard as this may be to accept or understand… these beings have developed telepathic technology and they use this advanced technology to influence our thinking. With regard to high ranking members of our government and those who are working on top secret technologies for the government, they can be influenced in this way and the AB’s are always trying to lead them away from any technologies that might threaten them in the future. However hard as they might try, they can’t take away our free will. They can only telepathically or subconsciously suggest!

There is another group of beings I refer to as divine beings who have technology that far surpasses that of the AB’s. This group has never had any contact with U.S. officials as the AB’s have had. Their agenda is quite different from that of the AB’s. They seek our evolutionary progress! They want to share their technology with us and these divine beings are always trying to make contact with us as well. They don’t necessarily seek out scientists or high ranking government officials like the AB’s do, but rather seek out those who can understand their agenda and have learned the art of telepathic communication. 

Granted, this communication circuit is convoluted and difficult to understand but it is absolutely necessary for our government to seek out those who are slowly putting the pieces of this puzzle together. We need to develop multi-dimensional technology but we need to do it in the right way!

This type of communication becomes more apt to be understood, since we have entered an age of computers. We need to put away all beliefs which were formulated from ancient times and start looking anew for answers. The greatest wisdom is not found in the past but in the now… where advanced technology is more apt to be understood and less likely, to be misunderstood, as it has so often been done in antiquity or even in the recent past!

Very few AB’s come from other planets as has been popularly thought; however this is why they have been referred to as extraterrestrials. Although these beings would like to keep as much about themselves secret, they do not come from other planets. They come from right here… the earth!

The U.S. government has on occasion employed or consulted with psychics, mystics and those who proclaim to speak telepathically with these beings with little success. These beings do not come from Orion, Sirius, Draco, or some other planet or star system far across the galaxy. They are from the earth and they have always been here! Their evolution from primitive human, to advanced being here on the earth is a well-kept secret and if they have their way, we will always believe that they come from somewhere else. There are no worm holes or time warps which allow their craft, fast as they are, to travel from one solar sector to another, in a reasonable time period. They can do it and it has been done, but not without an extreme commitment on their part.

Just like everything else, the art of mysticism evolves as well. Therefore, the governments of the world would be wise not to give up on psychics and mystics just yet! Many of these good people who talk to ostensible beings such as angels, saints, demons and aliens are doing exactly as they claim but the age old problem exists; how does a primitive person interpret advanced or more likely… divine technology data? Divine beings are those who have answered the questions and developed the technology that allows them to be truly immortal and also completely human! AB’s want to conceal their identity but divine beings want to share theirs. The divine agenda is eternal community for all beings; however, they can’t just tell us that. They do not care for us to evolve into robots but those who have understanding, those who are capable of logical thinking. This can only be accomplished by allowing us to figure things out, by using the logic they give us from within, either subconsciously or telepathically. 

The question becomes; if AB’s want to be secretive, who is it that is trying to communicate with the mystics and psychics? Answer: Both AB’s and divine beings talk to us telepathically but it is a choice as to whom we listen to! The AB’s try to lead us astray by communicating distorted philosophies and disinformation about who they are and where they came from. Divine beings on the other hand want us to be enlightened. However, even Divine communication is extremely difficult to master!

Until our government has a means of defending itself against these beings that operate within our society with impunity, the public will remain unaware of any official acknowledgment of their existence. There is no logical reason for the general population to be informed, until our government is ready to make the right choices regarding our national security.





About the Author…

J.S. Thompson is a retired senior government official with a graduate degree from the University of Texas.  The subjects of his composition are:  Advanced and divine beings, aliens and UFOs, the physics of how the universal machine functions, advanced and divine technology, science and theory, the dynamics of a healthy economy and prudent government, as well as, all things mystical! His sincere intent and goal is “Universal Unity” and attempts with his writings… to inspire and to inject a philosophy which asks those that read them, to consider Eternal Life; not by primitive religion or beliefs but by God given logic that is inherent in each and every one of us.




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