Incredible UFO Large Alien Spacecraft around sun 2011 (HD).mp4 Incredible UFO Large Alien Spacecraft around sun 2011 (HD) BE LOVE – PEACE
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New film clip for Sneaky Sound System’s second UK Single UFO http Video produced by Black Dog Films

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  1. Hmm.. The mexico clips look like spider silk filmed in the sun.. And the music is lame. But I love this kind of material. Fun stuff.

  2. I support UFO Video’s but its hard to completely feel your “LOVE and PEACE” from the video, when the music suggest otherwise….great vid in general though;)

  3. @Ashpro79 Calm down it’s just a word grow-up and don’t try to control peoples freedom of speech. Gay gay gay gay gay gay gay that is soooooooo gay

  4. Mkay hate to break it to yuh but parts of the sun spew up like this is the sun > O this is the parts of the sun spewing off of it (O)- Easy to explain it’s just fire spewing off of it it’s like when you sweat or when you throw up it’s like the sun is uhhmm farting… >.>

  5. and take space out yellow galaxy starting and just walking with that have to find how they walking with free eyes thats why aliens do earquake to the japan because they gonna see space out thats why and year is 2005 2006 my free eye see galaxy far and just i loose my mind just doing with luck aliens come to finish world

  6. The boomerang shaped chinese stealth thrown into a stall causing it to spin in circles! It has no propellars duh! Notice they are hollow in the middle? Thise are the afterburners while it is spinning in circles! If the gov can make you believe in alliens then they can experiment on you and they are not to blame!

  7. Also das ist entweder eine angelschnur oder einfach nur spinenweben.Da man hier in den freien himmel filmt,läßt sich die entfernung nicht einschätzen.tatsachlich befindet sich die angelschnur/spinenweben im vordergrund und reflektiert das sonnenlich.Die sonne steht dabei im richtigen winkel wie man sehen kann.
    Wie kommt man da nur auf UFOs?

  8. First, the sun “ships” in most of these shot photos are clearly plasma being ejected from the surface of the sun, which it does in a lot of shapes and sizes. When you zoom in on low resolution photos showing plasma ejections on the side of the Sun, in many cases you will only see a line where the plasma is profiled. Zoom in even more and pixelation takes over. The other “ships” were not presented in relation to anything, so all we see is a line with no reference point. Not a good video.

  9. NEW••••••••••••••• This video was just posted today, copy and paste in the search box:

    ABDUCTED BY UFO-recorded 7/4/11-MUST SEE

  10. These long craft also have been videoed releasing flotillas of the light spheres that appear to be either intelligent or intelligently piloted. I have received one from a local that moved around the Ross Island bridge in Portland in a way that appeared to be investigative in it’s flight pattern. With the US working against ET contacts outside of the grey/rep alliance, this form may be one that is less vulnerable to attack.

  11. @Zibi21 having no fear isn’t the answer. there maybe a need to have fear and there maybe something we can do about it. we don’t know if there is a need to feel either way. maybe asking those that have claimed to be abducted could give a more qualified way to feel. most of them have experienced helplessness and pain during their time with aliens. surely they wish not to be abducted again, due to fear. hoping for something to be peaceful wont make it so, could be like the war of the worlds movie.

  12. the footage is quite amazing. to speculate the reasons for any visit is just that, a speculation. its ok to be skeptical, or to even play the wait and see it for yourself game when it comes to ufos.

  13. i did as well i was looking for my dogs and a white light was flying bye i know for a fact it was not a plane so i believe you bro.

    true story^^^^^^
    NOTT hahaha
    thumbs up if you are watching this in Australia

  15. @LadyAllune I’m pretty sure this is the 2nd single.. I Love It was their first one, I remember hearing it thinking “It’ sounds cool, but lets see if they’re around in a few months” I wrote them off as one hit wonders! They sure proved me wrong!
    Connie (Lead singer) used to be the manager of Supre at Bondi! I bet she’s glad she made that career change!

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