I’m a UFO researcher and lecturer…curious, how many in here think UFOs “might” be real?

Question by almikejuno13@yahoo.com: I’m a UFO researcher and lecturer…curious, how many in here think UFOs “might” be real?
I’ve spoken directly with Eisenhower’s national security advisor (before he died in 1998); two other sources close to Presidents AND an ex_NASA Ground Test Astronaut over the last 2 years. My question has self evident answers, but what do YOU think?

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Answer by MR. Tumnus
Yes, I think they might be real. There are too many stories and strange sightings for there not to be something to it all.

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  1. Of course they exist. It’s a “no-brainer”. I’ve never understood the egotistical thinking that we are “alone” in this massive universe.

  2. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! OOOOOOH!! Here they come!!!! It’s funny how since technology has made enhancing pictures an art form that UFO sightings have drastically declined? Coincidence?

  3. i think there is a possibility of UFOs. also it could be the government testing aircraft that they don’t want us to know about yet. what do you think about that theory

  4. i do because earth can’t be the only planet with life. and i think th C I A covering up the truth and destroying the facts and pretending it dint happened.

  5. If by UFOs’ reality you mean weather we have been visited by extraterrestrials, my answer is NO! I do not think that anybody out there has come here. It might fall in the realm of possibility but when you consider the immensity of the Universe and what we know about what is needed for intergalactic travel and the cost involved it is just absolutely stupid to do such a trip and not to start a sort of intergalactic relationship with this planet. Of course my reasoning is completely human and maybe those beings would not care for the cost involved but no, I do not think that any ETs have come to visit.

  6. Yea, I think that it’s entirely possible that there is other life out there, never met an alien that I know of, though.

  7. I know they are real..there certainly should be no question in regard to their true existence..I am sure that ..every one of the thousands and thousands of sightings YEARLY believe them as real as well. I have been wittness to them all my life.. even more now than ever before…there is no doubt whatsoever in my mind..I just cannot understand why we continue accepting these lies from all the world governments in regards to UFOs and extraterrestrials..they have been here for the entire history of Human civilization.

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