if cop cars have cameras in them then why dont they capture thes ” ufo ” sightings on them?

Question by cam_daddy09 b: if cop cars have cameras in them then why dont they capture thes ” ufo ” sightings on them?

what im saying is that ive seen these stories of police officers seeing ufos and then radioing others to validate the sighting so why dont they use thier dash cam to catch it

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Answer by Peter K
It’s a conspiracy by all the governments of the World to destroy these video clips before they can make it to YouTube.

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  1. Their dashboard cameras face forward, not upward. Even if there were ufos in the skies, police car video cameras wouldn’t be likely to catch them. In addition, video is reviewed only if it is related to a pursuit or traffic stop, and the reviewer would not be interested in scanning the bit of sky far off in the distance that might have happened to be caught in the video. The police are far more interested in identifying and catching criminals and the performance and safety of the officers.

  2. maybe they already have and don’t know it. i seen strange footage they aired on the news once where they caught a strange light from a cop cam dashboard camera while driving down the road and a light appeared to have jumped over the car in front of them. after slowing the tape down they seen it was a deer and the light was the headlights of the squad car reflecting off the white parts of the deer.

    Addition: Most of these squad cars do not have these cams and the ones that do are not very high quailty so capturing something like UFO’s or such things would not come out very well if at all. We hear all the time how most police departments are under funded.

  3. There busy hiding under the dash……………….only kidding!I would imagine that its because of the angal of the sighting,an the surprise of the incident.I’m also sure that the ridicule would be unbearable….fear is a stranger thing than UFOs;and I’m sure the disruption in there precint wouldn’t be worth it.Blessed be the one who steps forward to believe in themselves,without the worlds doubts on their shoulders! blessed be………………………………..

  4. Aliens are so advanced that when they detect a cop car they flick the switch saying “invisibility cloak ON” but unfortunately they forget to do this when in the vicinity of some lone male individual who has had too much to drink.
    P.S. “You’ve seen these stories?” Like on Bugs Bunny, you mean?

  5. Well, this is really about lenses. Have you ever heard the argument that man didnt go to the moon, because there were no stars behind them? Because the cameras were focused on the forground and the lenses dont have the focal range to pick up things like stars and planets. You cant see those things in the police cameras, they just dont have the focal range.

    The UFO sightings are probably sattelites, venus, or high flying aircraft, not alien spacecraft. If the person cant identify it, they call it a UFO. These things wouldnt show up on a police camera.

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