husband and wife argument whos right?? aliens and ufo”s?

Question by la la la: husband and wife argument whos right?? aliens and ufo”s?
husband beleives theres such a thing and i on the other hand beleive its a goverment consperacy….
vote hubbie or wife
and include why…. thanks so much may the best spouce win….

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Answer by kate
Try watching The X-Files.
That will give you the answer as to who is right.

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  1. Neither of you. I believe the people who believe in UFO’s are the same people who believed in fairies, gnomes, and unicorns for the last thousands of years.

    As for Government conspiracy… Why? What’s to be gained? What benefit is there to hide or fabricate it?

    If UFO’s and aliens exist, and have visited, why have they stole rather insignifigant people, mutilated cows, and chose only to appear for a split second, and make off, after traveling millions of billions of light years to get here.

  2. I believe 100% in the possibility of alien life.

    I believe 100% that such life has never visited earth.

    I believe 100% that there is no conspiracy to cover up such visits (because they didn’t happen).

    Make of that what you will!

  3. I would agree with you somewhat. I think the government is NOT intentionally making some conspiracy. People speculate and the government just handles it such a way they are feeding into it.

    I just think a majority of ufo’s are experimental aircraft. Technology advances so fast these days that new designs are ahead of their times.

    For example, the SR-71 Blackbird (possibly still the fastest known aircraft… the space shuttle doesn’t count it’s a glider) was initially designed/built in the late 50s to early 60s. However, the some of the aircrafts technologies were considered state of the art compared to mainstream aircraft when it was officially retired in 1990. Only reason we know about the plane is because President Lyndon B. Johnson revealed it to the public to ensure them that the US was making strides in the cold war.

    Honestly, under the right conditions some cannot recognize mainstream aircraft flying around.

  4. Well with the vast ness of the universe I tend to think that life of some form must exist some where ( not just Earth) It is incredibly egocentric to think that we must be the only life sustaing planet in the entier univeres. There are many many galxies and even many “solar systems” in our own galxy in my mind some where out there is some other for of life. how ever have Aliens(from space) ever visited earth and abuct people I am unsure… if the debate is strictly to the existance of extra terrestrials I tend to favor your Husband.

  5. Both of you are right. About 2-5% of UFO incidents that occur are unexplainable. In the 50’s and 60’s, governments and military organizations throughout the world were paranoid about these incidents, even though they were telling the public to just laugh at them. Why else would fighter jets have been scrambled to intercept them and sometimes engage in dogfights with them if they didn’t exist. Some pilots actually lost their lives in pursuit of them. The typical excuse from the officials – “engine failure”. Evidence for this is just now emerging that such incidents are real and they do occur. Why do pilots, commercial, military and space have step-by-step procedures as to how to deal with/avoid such craft? Because they’re real, hence the conspiracy to keep them quiet.

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