How does the gravity amplifier work in the ” sport model ” ufo?

Question by Luke: How does the gravity amplifier work in the ” sport model ” ufo?
Some time ago, Bob lazar claimed he worked at Area 51 between 1988 and 1989 back-engineering alien spacecraft. He explains what he knows about how these craft work in interviews, and his articles, which can be found by typing ” sport model ufo” on google. The basic idea is that the craft utilizes the superheavy element 115 to access a gravity wave and amplify it to bend space-time itself, kind of like warp drive in star trek. This is done in a reaction where a proton is fired at an element 115 atom, which creates element 116. This element is unstable and decays in a way humans have never seen. It releases antimatter, which is then channeled down a tube and reacts with a gaseous matter target. The reaction produces an enormous amount of heat, which is converted into energy in a thermoelectric generator. Energy isn’t even the primary function of the reactor. The transmutation of element 115 into 116 and the antimatter flux is what acceses the gravity wave in these superheavy elements, which is then amplified to bend space-time for space travel. Although the craft isn’t traveling faster than light, it is moving space at a rate faster than light, pulling its destination towards it. Therefore it can cover vast distances of space in very little time. The articles and interviews with bob lazar, however, state that the craft uses wave guides to guide the gravity waves and gravity amplifiers to amplify the waves. Does anyone with any knowledge in this area understand how this works? How are the waves amplified? Is it electromagnetism? How about the waveguides?

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Answer by Shazam
Did it ever occur to you that men have tried Lazar’s design description and found it didn’t work? I assure you, men of science have given his description serious thought and effort and found it did not work.

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