History’s Secrets: The Roswell Conspiracy

History's Secrets: The Roswell Conspiracy

A great National Geographic documentary about the Roswell UFO Incident and the alleged cover-up by the US government of first contact with an alien species: …

In the mid-1990s, the United States Air Force issued two reports that, they said, accounted for the debris found and reported on in 1947, and that also accou…

34 thoughts on “History’s Secrets: The Roswell Conspiracy

  1. Anyone notice the moving logo in the upper left corner? I’m having trouble
    paying attention to the actual show now.

  2. If you trust the government and believe nothing crashed down you are lost
    Roswell was a amazing event and I believe with all my heart this did happen
    Roswell is real people ufology and aliens do exist but no one believes

  3. odd how your watching along, on one of these things, then you realize,
    the producers of the show, are slowly, gently, ‘slipping in’ the
    “Debunk” theme. it started showing up right away, but i didn’t catch it
    till about halfway thru. clever. funny how we can just ‘put spin’s on
    anything’, all day long. tit for tat. as for me, i’m a believer.
    loved the part here where they even capture some statements from some of
    the witnesses, who state, ‘well hell…i never saw any bodies. we’re not
    sure there actually WERE any????? WHAT? so, we’re now at, ‘there
    could have been craft, but…..NO Bodies?? ok. the craft just flew
    itself here, crashed, but….. we’re not gonna talk about any occupants,
    cause…..’that’s taboo. pilot-less spaceships. right……… swear
    to god, so many possibilities for dis-information, it boggles….

  4. 1 strange thing, even taking the top secret mogul theory for being true –
    what explains the eye witness accounts of humanoids being found at the
    site? Why would the flying craft of the mogul project even need test
    dummies in them (as was suggested by the government at first to quell
    conspiracy theorists)?

  5. Aint no aliens at Roswell, Roswell is where they cooked up the Aids virus
    and later filmed the moon landings!

  6. So, the militaries in roswell were the most stupid, lazy and retarded in
    the history of mankind. Trained men from the airforce dont know the
    difference bettwen a ballon and a alien spacecraft. Use your little brains.
    And they were responsible in deffendind the sky? Really? Can you imagine
    they shooting a weather ballon thinking is an UFO. This is such a stupid

  7. If someone took some of Warner Von Browns dead test monkeys to use in this
    hocks and then the government decided that they didn’t want pictures of
    there mutilated monkeys on the front page of the paper; that would explain
    it all. What was the name of E.T.’s favorite candy? make scenes now.
    people really trying to get you to figure it out and laughing at you at the
    same time. It is pretty funny. 

  8. If one alien survived the crash and lived here for awhile then it was able
    to breath our air and also eat our food among other things , provided it
    breathed or ate. The odds of aliens or us humans being able to breath
    another planets air or eat and digest it’s so called food and not die seem
    extremely remote to say the least.Another reason to be skeptical about the
    space alien theory.

  9. At 30.00 he is talking trash. It’s more likely aliens will be like us, then
    We come from space, all the life comes from space, so the aliens also come
    from space so big change we have the same ancestors

  10. It could all be real, sure it could. What about the other side of the
    story? You know the one that is full of people making shut up. The fact is
    Roswell is nothing but stories, there is zero proof, just more people
    talking. So the metal is supposed to be indestructible? Then why was it
    torn to shreds? Why would aliens fly around in a craft made of balsa wood
    and rubber, seems kind of an odd thing to me. Did anyone actually see it
    flying? No, did anyone see it crash? No. So really it’s not a UFO at all,
    it’s just a pile of tinfoil out in the desert and that’s it. How did we
    jump to the amazing conclusion that it was a flying machine when we never
    even saw it fly let alone that it’s aliens. Don’t you people want the
    truth? Or do you only want aliens? All I’m saying is I have read the books
    these guys have written, I have listens to all their interviews and seen
    probably all these sad little doc films. Now after all of that I’m
    completely convinced of a few things. I’m convinced they have not been able
    to come up with one shred of evidence. I am convinced the RAAF did not lose
    a balloon and that whatever they found was a mystery to them as well.
    However, just because it’s unknown to them does not even come close to a
    reason for the belief it was aliens. Let’s face it, after 67 years not one
    shred if convincing evidence has shown up, sorry guys you will have to do
    better. I would live to believe it was aliens, so if you have anything
    other than stories let me know, they are great camp fire stories I live to
    tell my seven year old kids though. 

  11. Roswell was a military test craft using Nazi tech and handicapped/disabled
    people to test the G. Imagine if that became public? Hence cover up forever
    even a UFO story is a good cover up.

  12. This infomentary reeks of a government training film, I’ve seen dozens of
    them. Cheezy music, monotone narrator, flag waiving. I have no idea what
    happened at Roswell, I wasn’t there. I’ve never seen a UFO. Do I think
    other people believe they have? Yes. Do I, or anyone else have the
    foggiest idea what they are? No. This warbly, vintage-escue flick
    addresses the same old questions with the same old, idiotic explanations.
    If the age old witnesses are outright liars, just call them liars.
    Instead, this b-film is still stuck on the weather balloon bullshit.
    Witnesses claim (even if it’s all a lie) that the debris field was 40
    yards wide, a few hundred yards long, and gouged the earth. A mogul
    balloon didn’t have the material mass or inertia to impact in that fashion.
    Jesse Marcel was an intelligence officer, he didn’t know he was looking at
    a mogul balloon after having seen them many times? Col. Blanchard, the
    base commander, ordered a press release (before government bullshit
    hush-hush protocol was in place) that they had recovered a ‘flying saucer’.
    Talk about career suicide! This guy was the commander of the only nuclear
    armed bomber squadron in the world? What a nut! to report he had captured
    a flying saucer (unless he thought he really had). To many questions to
    get raked over with their moronic ‘crash-test’ dummy explanations. 

  13. Bullshit if science tells you anything we are a 1 in a billion chance to
    have actually evolved to intelligent creatures, now there may be other life
    out there but this shit with intelligent aliens actually visiting our
    planet is bullshit. The government would not stand for these documentaries
    if it were true. 

  14. Here’s how you can tell that someone has never worked in the U.S.
    government. They say things like the government can keep a secret like
    finding aliens that crash landed in Roswell for over 60 years. Bear in
    mind this same government has spent billions of dollars over most of that
    time trying to find alien life on other planets. If the President of the
    U.S. couldn’t keep Oval Office oral sex a secret, are we supposed to
    believe our government has successfully kept Roswell a secret? Okay,
    here’s the dirty little secret: shh, there are no aliens (don’t tell

  15. Nothing happened in Roswell, NM. It’s all a scam to be able to produce and
    sell horse shit “documentaries” with “sell” being the operative word. 

  16. bullshit, if you still think that you own your government and they’re
    actually working for you and the good of the humanity than your a fucking
    idiot people like you is why we are still primitive species 

  17. But why keep aliens a secret from the public? To stop an uproar? Then to
    hell with those idiots who can’t accept aliens into society! Those willing
    to know and learn deserve to know about the truth! Show us the truth

  18. I was born in 1942…This story is 67 years old…..Question..Why did it
    take 60 years for the Govt. to explain all of this information…Why? did
    they wait so long? In my 70 plus years..The one thing I know for a fact!
    Our government lies to Americans on a daily basis….UFO’s Maybe-Maybe Not!
    However, I don’t believe anything the govt says…And neither should you!

  19. I think that the Government knows more about Aliens than what they give out
    to be, i think they made those balloons similar to what they saw out
    there…They made a replica of those space ships they saw, included the
    alien known to us, to make people aware. Why they will think of aliens
    looking like that if they never saw them. …

  20. The documentary is really interesting and the music on the footage
    showing “red headed Captains” Is very annoying…Should be in the

  21. I recorded audio messages with the alien beings that crashed at Roswell,
    and have those audio messages on my Channel. Using Water ITC I was able to
    get an image of one of the aliens in water which can be see on each of my
    videos. One of the aliens said its name is Malkeney. Go to this playlist on
    my channel and use head phones. Ghost Recordings with dead Aliens from
    Roswell, NM

  22. What a slap in the face to the ordinary citizen! You make us feel so stupid
    when we know what’s going on. In fact if you look at the accepted abuse
    we’ll it was clearly say that the abuser calls the other people crazy or
    stupid or just you know nothing and no not able to understand. But we are
    able to understand and we are able to cope with this if you would ever just
    jealous! This is why are citizens don’t like our government!

  23. ok, I’m under 1 minute and already it sounds like a white wash to push the
    official story of it was a weather balloon ..

  24. LINDA CHANEY: What else do They have to control you with other than Lies &
    Insults: YOU!!! ultimately control whether or not you will pay taxes to
    them. (Lt.Coln. Conte-Luna, again.) 

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