HIDHut Announces A Free Satellite System with UFO LED Light Purchase

Ormond Beach, FL (PRWEB) December 12, 2009

HID Hut Incorporated, operating an e-commerce site at HIDHut.com, is pleased to announce a fantastic new deal that offers a free Satellite System with any purchase of a new UFO LED Grow Light. The offer does not apply to refurbished UFO LED Grow Lights. The offer will be open to all orders while supplies last. HID Hut is an industry leader in indoor garden lighting, and offers a complete line of discount hydroponic gardening supplies.

Created by company founder, president and entrepreneur Justin Robinson, the UFO LED Grow Light is a relatively recent introduction to the realm of indoor gardening lighting. With a firm understanding of how plants grow and what they need to thrive, Robinson has created a remarkable light that conserves more energy than other types of indoor gardening lighting. Unlike traditional types of indoor grow lighting it uses only the light spectrum needed by plants. With other light spectrum’s not included, this saves even more money for the consumer. Gardeners find that they use seventy to eighty percent less energy to run their LED Grow Lights than when using traditional indoor garden lighting. The UFO LED Grow Light is also more compact in size and throws off less heat than other types of indoor garden lighting. Offering an amazing 80,000 hours of bright light to plants per the life of each lamp, Robinson has designed a grow light that offers every advantage to plants growing in indoor habitats.

The Satellite System gives gardeners an increased range of flexibility when using the UFO LED Grow Light. The Satellite System is used in conjunction with the UFO LED to provide superior adjustments to the light angle and spectrums.

Indoor gardeners are encouraged to take advantage of this great offer. Robinson wants to enable gardeners to have success with their indoor gardening, and states that “All of these great innovations are not only good for people who have gardens or would like to start hydroponics gardening, they are great for the environment, which is a major concern for many people who are consumers in this market.”

For additional information on the HID HUT line of UFO LED Grow Lights, the Satellite System and this special free offer, contact Justin Robinson or visit http://www.hidhut.com.

About HID Hut Incorporated:

HID Hut Incorporated Discount Gardening Supplies offers quality discount hydroponic indoor gardening supplies, including the UFO LED Grow Light and Satellite System.


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