Help Identifying “UFO” Movie………..?

Question by ArmStrong: Help Identifying “UFO” Movie………..?
This seems like the place to ask- wondering if this sounded familiar and if anyone knows the name of a movie.

Pretty much all I recall are scenes of a man being followed by a flying silver (not sure if it is silver) ball that gives him super-strength (ball speaks telepathically to him maybe?)

This movie is probably set early 80s or early 90s &, I believe.
I watched it when I was a kid and I’ve tried keyword searches on Google but can never come up with anything.

btw: is no the Phantasm, this sphere doesnt kill people It helps man and it follows him wherever he goes.


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Answer by bowen
There’s a superhero in comic books by the name of Booster Gold. I just don’t know if they made a tv series of it

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