Have you ever seen an “UFO”?

Question by sunflare63: Have you ever seen an “UFO”?
be honest and describe it.

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Answer by contact758
No. I was kidnapped by sasquatch and he won’t let me out at nights, so I never get a chance to see them.

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4 thoughts on “Have you ever seen an “UFO”?

  1. Sure… -I’ve got 3 in my freezer right now… They’re silver, irregularly shaped, and nobody has a CLUE what they are… -But I guess that’s pretty typical of Unidentified Frozen Objects! 🙂

  2. not too sure but me and my mate where walking home 1 night and saw some weird “lights” that where hovering above sometimes they moved and sometimes they syayed still – it was strange enough to make us look twice but who knows???????

  3. Um…no.
    But i am 2 inches tall.
    i am 2 inches tall and i know that must sound more wierd than UFOs.
    I wish i were bigger but i guess i’ll just have to except my strange onnormal size.

  4. I like JOSEPH, II ‘s response, pretty funny 🙂

    Uh…no. I really don’t think they exist. I know i may not sound so optimistic, but i think UFO’s are something someone made up to entertain themselves. Nothing good on T.V.?

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