Government of Canada Provides Open Access to UFO X-Files

Toronto, Ontario (PRWEB) March 30, 2009

The Toronto based independent news agency ZlandCommunications has learned that the Canadian government under the leadership of the Rt. Hon. Prime Minister Stephen Harper has provided open web access to approximately 9,500 UFO files at its archive web site, Library and Archives Canada.

The title of Canada’s X-Files release is – Canada’s UFOs: Search for the Unknown. This broad-based discharge of previously sequestered information on UFOs differs significantly in content, form and method of release than those of other countries.

The British Ministry of Defense (MoD) and the French and Danish governments released their UFO files in 2007, 2008 and 2009 amidst extensive international press coverage. The Canadian government’s release of its 9,500 UFO files, initially in August 2005 and then in December 2007 was a quiet affair – with no international announcement or press coverage. Only a mere handful of dedicated Canadian UFO researchers were aware of the released files.

Why the Canadian government chose to release its UFO files with no public media notification is still unclear.

According to one UFO disclosure organization the answer may lie not in the actual UFO reports themselves but in the communications among senior Department of National Defense officials.

A spokesperson for Exopolitics Toronto, a Canadian research and UFO disclosure organization said, “This release is really not about UFO sightings at all. There appear to be far deeper and unexplored ambiguities, contradictions as well as serious political repercussions within this release of UFO files indicating the Canadian government sought to obscure if not cover-up the UFO matter.”

Canadian Disclosure Research Organization Reviews UFO Files –

An on-going review of the 9,500 UFO files is being conducted by Exopolitics Toronto (

In describing the review the spokesperson for Exopolitics Toronto said , “Our evaluation has revealed startling instances of several memoranda and letters, written by high level officials of the Canadian Department of National Defense that not only illustrate how officials attempted to minimize the immense frequency and ubiquitous nature of UFO sightings in Canada but also clearly demonstrate how the Department of National Defense orchestrated intra-departmental tactics and policy designed to explain all UFO sighting reports as fitting its preconceived and predetermined conclusion that all UFOs were nothing but weather phenomenon, meteors, man-made misidentifications or hoaxes.”

Samples of these correspondences reveal:

Canadian officials developed policy to “play-down” reports of UFOs; policy similar to that of the United States Air Force.
A Canadian Joint Intelligence committee considered plans in the event of a UFO landing.
Ministers of National Defense sent contradictory letters to Canadian citizens informing them that no department within the government had instructions or a desire to withhold information about objects that may be of extraterrestrial origin despite the fact the files were designated “restricted” or “secret” since the 1950s and that Canadian policy was to “play-down” UFO reports.

The spokesperson for Exopolitics Toronto also said, “We have known that Canada has a rich history of involvement and interest in the UFO matter. This release confirms it. Why the Canadian government placed these once-secret files in the public domain with no public announcement similar to that of the French, UK and Danish releases remains a mystery.”

The spokesperson went on to say, “In our review thus far of approximately 2,000 files, three issues are unmistakably clear; the Canadian government accumulated and sequestered an enormous number of UFO sightings by citizens, pilots, RCMP officers and other credible witnesses. Secondly, and of greater political consequence, government officials made concerted efforts to conceal and play-down the significance of UFO reports. Third, Canadian officials put in place policies which allowed Ministers of Defense to inform Canadians that no government department was authorized to withhold information on this matter, while, at the same time, officials developed policy that would ‘play-down’ UFO reports as well as classify the same reports as ‘restricted’ or ‘secret’.

“These fundamentally contradictory elements of Canadian policy concerning the UFO matter remain a disturbing and troublesome indication that Canadian officials may have developed a scheme in an orchestrated manner to withhold and obscure information from the electorate in virtually the same manner as the United States.”

Have Canadian Officials Conspired to Withhold Information on UFOS? -

According to Exopolitics Toronto’s review, the Canadian files appear to differ significantly from the United Kingdom’s MoD, and the French and Danish releases of UFO reports.

Three separate memoranda received from Exopolitics Toronto illustrate these points and the contradictions in Canadian UFO policy.

One memo identifies how the Canadian government planned to use a policy strategy employed by the United States Air Force (USAF) to “play-down” UFO reports made to them by citizens. A second memo discusses plans to actually deal with landings of UFOs. (Ed. Note: The use of the word “landing” in this memo implies, in aeronautical terminology the controlled descent and safe alighting of an aircraft, further implying Canadian officials considered the possibility such unidentified craft may be under intelligent control.) In a third letter the Minister of National Defense Douglas Harkness states in no uncertain terms to a Canadian citizen that no department within the government had instructions to withhold information about objects that may be of extraterrestrial origin.

Canadian Department of National Defense Individual Correspondence -

These correspondences unequivocally prove Department of National Defense officials in Canada engaged in internal discussions, UFO policy development and communication with the public on unidentified flying objects.

Joint Intelligence Committee Memo 4 April 1950 – Play Down UFO Reports;
Quote: “The present USAF policy is to play down the subject?”

Read memo at: (

Director of Scientific Intelligence Memo 19 April 1950 UFO Landing Plan;
Quote: “You might also consider it advisable to add that should the flying saucer actually make a landing on Canadian territory? Maybe we had better talk over this?”

Read memo at: (

Letter by D. Harkness Minister of National Defense;
Quote: “I can assure you there is no department of the government that desires or as instructions to withhold information on objects that might be of extraterrestrial origin.”

Read memo at: (

Press Investigation Required -

In a final statement the Exopolitics Toronto spokesperson concluded, “These three files may represent the political ‘smoking gun’ needed to launch an all-out investigation by the Press. There is every reason to believe that if the Canadian media, and even those in the international media, were to press the Canadian government for an investigation of these issues, such an investigation would expose the most momentous cover-up in history; Earth has been visited by craft of unknown origin, craft that may represent the presence of technologically advanced off-world civilizations. Why mainstream press continues to disregard these Canadian file releases as well as other overwhelming evidence is perhaps an even greater media mystery if not a journalistic tragedy.”

Inquiry by ZlandCommunications to the Minister of Defense -

In response to this highly compelling information obtained from Exopolitics Toronto, ZlandCommunications contacted the office of the Canadian Minister of National Defense to clarify these issues. No comment was issued by the Minister’s Office. ZlandCommunications subsequently has initiated a written ten point inquiry to the Minister of National Defense, the Hon. Peter Gordon MacKay to determine – among other questions – the current government policy on the UFO issue so pervasively covered within his government’s 9,500 UFO files. Receipt of ZlandCommunications’ official press inquiry has been acknowledged by the Department of National Defense. ZlandCommunications intends to report on the Minister’s response.

The Canadian UFO Reports are housed within four separate categories:


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