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UFOs emerge from Spy Satellite!!! Are aliens working with NASA? “Friday appears to be re-entry day for NASA’s Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite (UARS) — a school-bus size spacecraft that will shoot its way into Earth’s atmosphere. NASA, the US military and amateur astronomers have been refining their predictions of the spacecraft’s fall, and are now able to say it won’t come down over North America.” More info at my UFO site here:
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  1. @jezzigee that’s a very good question. judging by how close they appear to be to the sun they would be, and I know how crazy this sounds, at least the size of the earth.

  2. interestingly! Now would be the time to do some energy recovery if you had the tools?the expected polarity flip coming would be a doozy of energy potential! ET -III could be setting up a wormgate to W-104 as a scalar conduit to pull us to 5th dimentional level, their prime area of commerce , many megaparcecs away but in the loop as they say? we will fry but not die! lol! deep gamma ! no tan lines! pass the SPF 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000! get some!!

  3. Interesting; the cloak effect could be from the immense magnetic field, or phase space, phase space would make it nothing! to move outside of gravitational forces.
    it would require to move a planet sized object , so close to the coronal envelope, the timing is noteable with the solar max at hand. what the hell are they doing? saving us or setting the oven timer to broil? we are not even worth a note , ant piss! on their nikes? why bother?

  4. @jacob9919 Physicist Michio Kaku spoke of class III civilizations who could manipulate matter , turn stars on and off like a switch, in essence Gods of tech , we are 75,000 years of civilization at a unproven stretch at that. the universe is old enough to have billion year old entities about! planet sized tools would be no problem i assure you.
    The amount of energy to move these objects would of course require fission of the type the sun requires to remain in process, again no big deal for IIIs

  5. @Christentum22

    “…† Jesus is coming Soon †…”

    Well…either fetch the kitchen towel…or get on your knees and swallow….

  6. Our earth is no bigger than half the size of those little “dots” That you’re pointing out. Last time I checked Alien space ships aren’t twice the size of our planet.

  7. @davidbrd0071 i went on google earth and think i found something look @47 01’04.60 n 123 47’54.53″w

  8. @TheIrishHipHopLegend great hypothesis i agree with you , there is high possibilite if there is an inteligent civilisation they are milions years after facebook and their ai machines explore universe for them and gather data without necessary intervention something similiar said michio kaku about our civilisation ,  i bet next few monts reveal some more informations , peace.

  9. Alian fleet is on the ground in the hills and forest of Aberdeen wa. they are using some type of cloak emitters but when they use that launcher beem thing it seems to make holes in the electronic cloaking devise using google earth direct x and zoom i have found more than i can count on the ground today i attempted to use a camera to try and confirm something weird happened to my camera i will try again but How do you sneak up on an alian? oh shadows seem to be a weak spot on the cloak .

  10. This was an Awesome video….but I recorded these pulsating rainbow colored UFO’s I saw 5 weeks ago in St George,Utah….really strange pulsating lights…has anyone else seen them? feel free to take a look at the video’s I took of them.Just click my MoonDawgee channel moniker under this comment box and after you see the videos…I’ve taken ..(12 video’s of them so far)..please, someone tell me if you’ve ever seen these kind before…and where? Thanks..I’m just trying to get some answer’s.

  11. This is the video we have been waiting for. Trust God and
    Read The Bible if you want to know The Truth, Peace and Love.

  12. well since they appear in front of the Satellite too, its clearly a light reflection from within where the video is being recorded.

  13. This was an Awesome video….but I’ve been seeing these pulsating rainbow colored UFO’s for 3 weeks now in St George,Utah..nightly…really strange…has anyone else seen them? You can see the Amazing footage I’ve taken of them by clicking my MoonDawgee channel moniker under this comment box…after you see the video’s I’ve taken ..(11 video’s so far of these UFO’s)…please, tell me if you’ve ever seen these kind before…and where? Thanks…I’m just trying to get some answer’s.

  14. Awesome….but you can see real UFO’s at my Moondawgee channel…search MoonDawgee to see the best rainbow colored UFO’s.

  15. Book of Genesis chapter 6, Read it, because it tells you that Fallen Angels created HYBRID children with the woman on earth, and they are called Nephilim, they are the GIANTS of old, These Children, “NEPHILIM”, are demonic. The Aliens, are fallen Angels, and they are creating more of them selves today by creating Hybrids for the armies of Satan to posses people, to fight against Jesus Christ when he comes again for the second coming, Jesus Christ is the way, life and truth, God Bless you.

  16. I agree with “withinthetruth” definitely a reflection on the glass they are shooting through. Come-on people.

  17. I think this is part of military or spy technology we are not yet aware of…we knew so much about military technology (MIG’s, weapons etc.) until the 2nd world war as they were publicly displayed in battles. But, since then we have no idea what has been developed!

    Back then we had black and white TV’s – now we have the iPad…Back then we had MIG’s and nuclear weapons – now we have…………(try fill in the blanks). We can’t even fathom what the military has developed

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