Giant UFO attacked by Russian Military with translation UFO attacked by Russian military, video Michael Cohen An important UFO event has taken place yet again in Russia, receiving massive media attention in that nation while being blacked out by the international UFO cover-up in the West. Residents of the village Lesopilniy in the region of Khabarovsk noticed a huge revolving object descend on the settlement. The alien spacecraft was described as glowing and two lights were seen on its body. Dozens of stunned locals, young and old, gathered on the streets as the object silently hovered just above the rooftops. The object was picked up by military radar and soon flares and shots were fired at the UFO from a nearby military base. The object changed direction at this point and eventually shot off into the sky. The event lasted over two hours. A number of residents filmed the event on their mobile phone cameras, however the object was not visible when they replayed their clips. It is now believed international talks, behind closed-doors, will commence and an investigation as to why the military fired on a peaceful alien craft far more capable of doing damage than any human contraption. Political leaders will be hoping that this action will not jeopardise Humanity’s galactic standing, and will be put down to our primitive nature.
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  1. WTF!! NO ONE EVER, EVER TAKES A PICTURE. So fake then. These fools are drawing pictures on napkins and pieces of toilet paper! IF they hid in their homes, and sent some brave soul out to see the “craft”/ So, why did they (the people of this village) NOT TAKE ONE PHOTO? Great chance missed again.

  2. Looks like there is an international agreement between the US, Russian and Chinese governments to give the same exact crappy excuses in explanation of this very real phenomenon, and to never publicly acknowledge the existence of extraterrestrial aircraft in our airspace.

  3. They are here to take care of us because the Governments are hiding everything from us , I mean all Governments around the world

  4. @RangerDK21
    If you could give me a translated texts for this video to go with, I’ll upload it again with correct subtitles in some time. The problem is I don’t have a translator.
    PM me for my e-mail address if you want to spend the time for the project.

    I’m really curous what they DO have to say, as I already had a feeling the subtitles were kinda off.
    Thank you in advance if you decide to help me out. 🙂

  5. If it’s anything other than alien craft, … then why are we seeing this kind of thing, more and all over the world? Why isn’t that question asked?

  6. какие нахер насекомые блеать, в трусах у нее насекомыенах!

  7. Goverment says, ” Vutt Zees Peepilz R zeeing, eez nuzzing mor zin owr mose zeekret meal e teri ack t v t … zeez vuz seam plee vezair belloon…nuzzing mor”

  8. @mzrealm – in front of an extraterrestrial civilization (even of first grade) not only Russia but all armed forces of the planet may look like babies.

  9. Better check this video before you think you know something about ufo ! Links: watch?v=R9veMGPsfiQ and second link:watch?v=OmQyJLUhDZc&feature=related ,
    “Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves” – this said our Saviour Jesus christ in hebrew: Yeshua Ha’Mashiach, Matthew 7:15, King James Bible

  10. выстрелили в него из сигнальной ракетницы ))))))))))))))))))))) а что обычные ракеты кончались o_O ))))))))))))))ой блеять я больше немагу

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