Garden Grove UFO SIGHTING POLICE ESCORT, AMust See UFO Sighting thats

Must See Footage!!! 10-27-10 Middle Of The Night!!! police Loud Speakers Yelling Get Off The Road, DANGER, DANGER, Carrying Heavy Machinery, Police Everywher…

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  1. Crazy shit! I wanna know what the cops told that girl that made her want to
    get out of there so fast. Can’t find your Facebook page?

  2. Ok, i am going to reply to a lot of comments that I received.
    Everyone keeps asking why this wasn’t on the news….People,
    when this happened, It was on the news for 4 days straight..
    Im not the only person that seen it… People were stopping there
    cars and getting out in the middle of the street, and that also was
    on the news.. most of Garden Grove Seen this.. I have received
    over 18,000 comments that I am trying to read and reply, but
    some of these people are confused and think that we are young
    folks playing games.. I can assure you people, If you were with
    us that night, you Jaw would have been on the ground and your
    heart would have been moving fast… More discussions on my
    Facebook page, definitely stop by…. Izayne UFO

  3. I see so….67 years of continuous cover ups, denial or lies from our
    government and they finally break by calling attention to themselves and
    parade some alien craft down the highway for all to see?
    (Note to self: This is why aliens and Sasquatch refuse to make open contact
    with us)

  4. Thanks Everybody…. Shhhhhhhiiiii Got Real…..I Stay Private
    After That Night!! Drama With The Gov… Im Scared To Talk
    About it. Please Visit And Request My Facebook Page,
    Izayne UFO… If I Get Enough Requests, I Will Have Open

  5. This is amazeballs! It was intriguing, funny and by far the best SciFi
    anything I have ever seen! I want more of you guys. :D

  6. It can’t get any dealer yall. Scared people will naturaly deny it but its
    real. I’ve seen shit close up and know for a fact thus is real.

  7. Movie prop?! Lol “bitch dont leave me” it’s looks a lot more realistic than
    most of the videos out

  8. It does seem a bit odd. I am a believer as well. Get some manhood.
    LMAO…Cracking me up. Is that the real sound you caught? The trumpeting
    noise? This is common with sightings.
    Hit me up. Need to talk. 

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