Fuengirola Area Guide For 2010

Fuengirola is where a lot of International people have chosen to live. Fuengirola sits conveniently between the two super resorts of the Costa del Sol, Marbella and Torremolinos, within easy reach of their respective amenities. In terms of development (high-rise accommodations and dozens of touristy bars and shops) it has more in common with the latter, though it is nowhere near as noisy or brash, and much of the adjoining quarter of Los Boliches is, by Costa del Sol standards, unspoiled.

Most holidaymakers come to Fuengirola for its long stretch of fine golden beaches.After having started its life as a fishing village and coastal stronghold, Fuengirola is becoming one of the most popular international destinations on Spain’s famous Costa del Sol. With about 320 days of sunshine a year, a rich and interesting history, and plenty to see and do, people from all over the world are flocking to the town of Fuengirola and its suburbs. They soak in the sun, swim, and enjoy a relaxed vacation. Or, sometimes, a relaxed new lifestyle. Because many visitors to Furngirola love it so much that they decide to buy a piece of Fuengirola property and… stick around. And you really can’t blame them. Once you’ve lain down on one of Fuengirola’s sandy beaches, it’s hard to imagine not wanting to stay. Today, of the 60,000 or so people currently registered as living in Fuengirola, a full 25% of them are expatriates from other countries– people who came for a visit and decided to make a life here. Most of them are from European countries, with the bulk coming from the UK and Finland. There is such a large and rich international community there that there are many local programs, groups and activities geared towards expats– especially English, Irish, and Scottish ones. Foreigners living in Fuengirola get the best of both worlds: gorgeous Spanish weather, a rich local culture, and a feeling of fitting in and having all the amenities of home. Even for people from the UK and other places in Europe with families, it’s not difficult to get the same education for your children they received at home. While there are relatively few private schools in Fuengirola itself, there are many high-quality private (and state) schools just a short distance from town. Many of these schools offer an award-winning British curriculum, and the children attending are instructed in a bilingual environment. .Fuengirola is also twenty minutes from elegant and picturesque Marbella, and just ten from Torremolinos. Want to head to Gibraltar? It’s just a short hour’s drive from Fuengirola. One of the most famous places in Fuengirola is the Paseo Maritimo, the beautiful long promenade running along the beach. With seven kilometres of sandy beach in Fuengirola, the promenade is one of the longest in Spain. To make it even more appealing, the local council has recently initiated a program to renovate the entire area, widening the promenade, planting trees and flowers, and creating plenty of appealing places to sit and enjoy the area. This program is running throughout Fuengirola, and the entire town has rally benefited. A very big reason why people from all over move to Fuengirola is because there is so much to do there. Unlike some of the smaller, out-of-the-way towns currently trying to attract more foreign residents, Fuengirola is a cosmopolitan city which can cater to any taste, no matter the nationality. For those living in Fuengirola with a family, there are water parks ,Fuengirola Zoo, plenty of gorgeous beaches and of course, shopping at the miramar fuengirola shopping center. And for those relaxing or retiring in Fuengirola, there are golf courses, wonderful international restaurants, and a large and welcoming community of both Spaniards and expatriates. Fuengirola is most defo worth a visit

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