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If you are amateur astronomer, you would search one of the hottest topics online, “China UFO video 2010″, “china ufo sightings”, “china ufo hangzhou”. On July 7, something happened near the Xiaoshan Airport in Hangzhou unusually, a mystery is over China, an ABC News article on the mysterious sighting explains that the witness call this light “UFO”, therefore, the airport forced to close down and delay 18 flights, and now the things back to normal, but people are still wondering was that real “UFO”? Nobody knows what it was, just download this video for yourself judge.

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Download the video of China UFO 2010 on your computer with RealPlayer Downloader and then convert it to MP4, MOV, AVI or any other digital video players to check if it was real “UFO” .

How to download live video and convert it to any video format you want with free RealPlayer?

1. Download online video with free RealPlayer Downloader;

For Mac:
For Windows:

2. Install both RealPlayer and RealPlayer Converter;

3. Open the video website that you want to download and get conversion;

4. Realplayer Downloader will detect the video on this website automatically and download it to your Mac or Windows. Just open RealPlayer Downloader program, then click Download button, you will get the original live video on your Mac or Windows

Mac version screenshot:

When finishing downloading the video, you will see there are three buttons for you to click:

Mac version screenshot:

1) Play: you can click it to view the video directly with RealPlayer;
2) Convert: click this button, the downloaded video will be load to RealPlayer Converter directly to be encoded;
3) Copy To: this button allows you to convert live video to any output format directly, namely, you don’t need to load video to RealPlayer Converter manually.

Case 1: If you want to import live video you downloaded into RealPlayer directly, you can click View Downloads Folder to get that video, and then click Browse button to load it to RealPlayer Converter manually;

Case 2: If you want to get the original online television or video without converting, just click View Downloads Folder to get it.

Case 3: you can share this live video to your friends with RealPlayer Downloader.

It’s so easy and absolutely freeware for you, just do it by yourself right now!

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