First-Hand Roswell UFO Memories

new testimony from Army intelligence officer Jack Trowbridge, who speaks for the first time about the Roswell UFO crash and how he personally handled \”memor…

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  1. The reason why this has been covered up is because handicapped children
    were used in the experiment. That`s why there was a request for child size
    coffins after the accident. No so called aliens, just human children
    experimented on. The government likes to keep the UFO/ Aliens story going
    tho, as it covers up the military`s crimes against it`s own people.

  2. My grandfather was stationed at roswell in 1955, and he had dinner all the
    time with top airforce officials. He was told with my grandmother that the
    crash did actually occur, there were two aliens in the craft, one lived,
    one died. The craft was put in hangar 53. and the bodies were shipped out
    to california. My grandfather would not discuss anything else with my
    grandma other than that info. His name was Colonel Ray Deveraux. Look him
    up, you’ll find him

  3. what the hell happened to Americans in the last 10 years! You always have
    to bring God into every conversation and if it is a topic you can’t handle
    you say”oh the world is going to end!” get a grip

  4. There was no top-secret balloon project, crash dummies, monkeys, weather
    balloon, secret government test vehicle, etc. It WAS an E.T. craft, and I
    will bet my ENTIRE LIFE SAVINGS ON IT. I will bet my LIFE and my family’s
    life on it. Cheers.

  5. now, if there are aliens,the reason the governments hiding the aliens is
    because, they might have a new religion, or just say that everything is a
    lie, people might believe them, and break all the rules without any regret,
    it will cause destruction, and our god wont be worshipped as much,

  6. @sarkisa781898 EXACTLY !!! I agree, some people would ask “did God make
    them too” it would definitely change alot of things. Yes, alot of
    worshipping God would stop.

  7. woah guy, maybe you should read into the conversation again, he’s saying it
    was a balloon that crashed, which insists that this wasn’t a UFO crash
    which insists there is no other life forms in the world, which I disagreed
    with…dumb fuck

  8. @Wikigoogtube 80% of the truth is a belly full of lies………without the
    truth, we would have no falseness. Without falseness, we would have less
    than 80% of the truth. So what it all comes down to is the truth is only
    understood by a few, while the other 80% is a belly full of lies!

  9. @SinisterAnimationS Yes, but if you don’t believe on god is can open the
    possibilities to other terrestrial life forms.

  10. @blueeyesaf u dont believe in aliens? seriously ur dumb there are billions
    of stars like the sun in the milkyway and there are billions of galaxies
    like the milkway. maybe there are no ufos but there is life ur just too
    stupid to understand

  11. a few aliens survived and the military took all the stuff incl. the bodies
    dead or alive and brought them to the scientists in are 51! so what would u
    do if u where a scientist? u take samples of the alien and also DNA. the
    surviving probably have communicate(however)and explained allot!But the
    aliens do not live for ever!so what they do?they go clone them and cross
    them with us(Hybrid).the clones still have the ability to contact their
    same.Unfortunately only for military purpose!

  12. they werent afriad of people panicking. it was the govt that panicked and
    dropped the ball on human evolution. the citizens who have been trying to
    put the peaces together for decades have been jeered as crackpots, tin foil
    hats and in need of medication.

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