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Finding Traditional Area Rugs

When purchasing a new home and ultimately wanting a traditional design with our new home; my wife and I decided to search online for traditional area rugs. Persian rugs, being our favorite types of rugs, gave us a great starting point to choose from. Bold colors with intricate gold designs were the first ones we set out to find. Our living room is huge and surely needed something to enhance the hard wood bamboo floor we had just installed. We chose a Persian hand tufted, ten by twelve foot, one hundred percent wool weave rug, in reds and blacks, to put in front of our gigantic red brick fireplace. We also chose another traditional area rug, exactly like the other rug, but this one was a five by seven foot size rug, that we were to put down near the entry way. It almost felt like walking into a Persian Palace! What a cool feel and look it gave our rooms.

Our dining room also needed something to enhance its beauty, and we could think of nothing better than to add a beautiful traditional area rug in updated colors, under our teak wood dining table and chairs. This rug, a Persian design as well, with brown and black lines, helped to create the antique look that we wanted in that room. This went well with the antique picture frames and family pictures we had already put up on our walls. Grandma would have been proud of us displaying her collection of old family portraits! The room now, was like walking into yesterday. It gave us a nice pleasing setting to enjoy with our family, or our guests under the gaze of our ancestors.

Recently we purchased a king size pedestal, four poster, Cherry wood bed for our Master bedroom. We also found a matching dressing table with a mirror and bench. Each morning I find myself sitting at the dressing table, putting on makeup, relaxing and planning my day, while feeling like we gave our room the best enhancement for the new furniture in the room. Great start to my day, for sure! These exquisite furnishings needed another traditional area rug to make it complete. Since the Persian rugs from our other rooms hadn’t let us down yet, we decided to search for another Persian design and we were completely sold on a rug called ‘Camelot wine’. It has muted tones in a soft color pallet of red in an antique design and it will surely be an heirloom to pass down to our children and them to their children someday. Very luxurious to the touch in an over twisted, one hundred percent wool yarn, giving it an old world feel and look, and it was another eye pleaser for us to view and to be proud of. Again, it almost like stepping back in time, which is exactly what we wanted to come home to, after any and all of our busy days.

Two of our bedrooms upstairs have carpeting instead of hard wood flooring, which we were completely happy with, as we planned to make them our children’s rooms, at some future date and time. We had plans to make the third bedroom into a guest room, and again we wanted a traditional area rug to make it complete. We had already had a bamboo wood floor installed in that room, and it was looking a wee bit bare and cold. We definitely needed to do something to this room, as far as adding a rug and blinds or both. Sticking with our Persian rug choice, we chose a beautiful twelve by fourteen foot, hand tufted wool blend rug, in blue muted tones for this room, to make it more inviting and comfortable to any guests, or just for us to visually enjoy. We wanted our guests to feel most welcome and enjoy their time with us and by setting this room up as so, we feel we achieved what we were hoping to do. This traditional area rug in the muted tones gets so many oohs’s and aah’s from our guests, and again, that’s what we were hoping to achieve. Score!

My husband and I are most pleased with our new home and our purchase of traditional area rugs to accent all of our surroundings. Now we can use the old but so true statement of…Home Sweet Home! Enjoy your search, and hopefully you can get as much enjoyment out of searching, as you get with the final end results, just like we did.

Jay has been writing for over 10 years about home decor and interior design. Through his discovery he writes mostly about blinds, shades, bedding, and rugs.

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