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Fastwalkers: UFO & Alien Disclosure Fastwalkers in a feature length documentary form discloses information you were never meant to know. Amazing Fastwalker UFO photos and Fastwalker footage gathered from around the world that you were never meant to see. Never before has there been such a wealth of information presented by such unbiased experts who focus on providing a ‘World View’ of what is really happening on planet Earth, rather than what ‘we are told is happening
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  1. The reality of this video and other video’s like it, is the fact that we are not alone in this extremely vast large space… we just need 2 understand that, we can, as a human race, achieve what we want to achieve… we can get into space, we can achieve light-speed (warp-speed) what ever….. this is within our reach, we just have to realise that… for many many years we have been subliminally tuned into the fact from sci-fi films.. we are not alone…


  2. hi guys im not american but i live near to a very isolated american military base and lights in the sky is something quite regular i been told by a very reliable sorce that these crafts can manober the way they do because they being controled by a device that is in lEO (lower earth orbit) it works by generating a very strong type of magnetic energie that makes the u.f.o inside earth atmospher move in the way they do has these crafts have no heat signature realy hard to shoot down BALIVE ME!!!!!

  3. These type of vids even though very informative, are part of the great dillusion spoken about in the Bible. These supernatural beings can masquerade as light itself and metallic crafts of all sorts. Do the research before you fully buy into the theory of true alien visitation by creatures from another planet. All of these ideas encompass the broader new age movement sweeping across our planet. Be very careful and decide wisely before you choose to believe these theories.

  4. @Schwarzkald Although I would like to believe in the aliens as saviors of humanity I agree with what you say. We should not depend on them to be so. Why would they become so after at least tens of thousands of years of interacting with humans? I am more inclined to think that they do see us as inferior, like ants in the jungle and they are the lions.

  5. Before people start hating. I know theres life out there. I know some are bound to be so advanced that we could barely understand. Even “if” they are visiting us. Its clear that they have no intention of introducing us to some grand alien coalition and a new way of life for all of humanity. Their waiting for us to do for ourself. We and only We can get ourselfs to the starts.

  6. People really need to accept that star track isn’t happening any time soon. I have no doubt that other lifes out there. But I seriously doubt that theres a big confederation of “ETs” just waiting to save us from our self. These people need to get over it and accept the fact that its going to be a long hard road for us to get off of this planet and out of this solar system. The best chances of us really meeting ET’s is going out there and trying to find them.

  7. @Schwarzkald just because we do stuff like that, doesn’t mean all beings do. chances are, if there is a race that is old enough to have the technology to reach us across the vast distances of space, they will be advanced enough to know that violence and slavery are unnecessary.

    also, if they’re here to wipe us out, why didn’t they do it 60 years ago? why give up the element of surprise, while at the same time letting us study their crashed vehicles and possibly forming a defense?

  8. for those who not believe in ET read this: there are 400000000000 stars and a star is a sun so around each star there are min. 4 planets so counts, 40000000000×400000000000 that’s allot……., and you really think we are the only life in the whole universe? and who says there is only 1 universe? maybe there are thousands,even if there was 1 universe, how would it look like outside it? dark? i don’t think so… people please think about it, soon (hopefully) we make contact with them we rnt alon

  9. Listen if this F&%king Aliens are abducting people and sticking things in their asses in their noses and under the skin, taking sperm samples etc… I’m pretty sure their not here for our well being. Some of them might be good some of them might want to enslave us, and some might see us as food, who the hell knows for sure so stop selling this Aliens as some kind of saviors for humanity, because is more likely than not that they see us as inferior and will do away with us in a heartbeat.

  10. Run Run, Run for your life these Fucking Illuminati are controlling everything OMG we all going to die Noooooo Noooooo. Now they even control the Aliens. hahahaaaaaa. Bullshit.

  11. Have anybody thought that maybe the Aliens are the ones that don’t want the government to let us know about their presence, because they have an ulterior motive.

  12. my uknown flying craft sighting which was so striking in appearance it immediatly caught my attention. At the time i didn’ think that i mistook an earthly object as an alien craft and i dont personally think mistaking an earthly object for an alien craft would create such psychological feeling although i guess anything is possible. I get the feeling that these ufo craft use flashing red beacons just like our aircraft and they do this to confuse us

  13. there are many different races of E.T’S some look just like us others nothing like us at all not even physical beings. think like star trek or star wars we are almost at the point spiritually that we can finally join them but not all of us just the ones who have opened their minds who can accept the truth and be apart of the federation and be productive members of their society. there are also dark races out there and here they won a battle long ago and have been our overlords ever since.

  14. @celestian1111 Well thanx for the positive reply, you are worth more to someone as a positive, some negative reply’s have an opposite affect which carry no value, so thanx again and yes I liked that documentary its amazing… If you want new answers about life and after this life, I found them in NDE testamonies wait til you watch ten of them and how quickly you will believe in God… your friend 21

  15. with all my heart i wish this was going to come true in a peacful way, the disclosure project is funded by the rockafellers, they own the media, own the gov’t, own all of us, along with there friends like the rothchilds, they don’t want peace, there playing us, God help us!

  16. @krastins777 I thought of the Heinz 57 myself, but the ‘catchup’. That is funny. I used to think the government owed us the truth, now I believe we owe it to ourselves, and not just about aliens but about our own lives. Hope you enjoyed the film.

  17. Well done. You get an A+ on this project from me. This is one of the most professional documentaries that I’ve ever seen.I’m seen a lot of these speakers in other interviews and I prefer the information presented in a clear and directed format without interruptions. Whoever directed and edited this project is a pro who actually wants this work to get noticed and respected.

  18. @lovellespice if you look into his words and not just at them you will see that he is proposing that the end of humanity has already began.

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