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When looking for a good dentist, Fairfax residents need only to let their fingers do the walking through the World Wide Web, or consult their insurance company’s preferred provider list.  Moving to a new location tops the list of reasons to look for a new dentist, and since the Washington DC area is hot for job growth, many folks relocating there will soon need to find a good dentist in Fairfax, Virginia.  

How much choice does a person have when looking for that new dentist in Fairfax?  Using Aetna’s Docfind site, we found one hundred and twelve primary care dentists in Fairfax, VA.  That may seem like a whole lot of dentists, and actually…it is!

On a per capita basis, that comes out to roughly one primary care dentist per two hundred Fairfax denizens.  On average, there are 1,859 dentists per US resident. These numbers indicate that Fairfax has about nine or ten times more dentists per person than the rest of the country.  If it’s true that Fairfax has 10 times the national average dentistry density (say that three times very fast), why would that be?

Some of the nation’s loftiest median incomes and highest home values make this a locality where the majority is covered by the dental insurance plans that encourage people to go to the dentist regularly.  Indeed, this well-to-do demographic sees a dentist far more regularly than does the rest of the US population.  These well-educated families earn more and demand more preventive dentistry; most of their kids are getting braces and few of them are missing their teeth.

But can the residents’ comfortable financial standing be the sole determinant of such high dentistry density in Fairfax?

If you’ve spent much time there, you’ll know that it gets very quiet at night in Fairfax.  

Spotlight on the US Census Bureau and a helpful but rarely discussed statistic called the “employment residence ratio” (ERR), or “daytime population”.  One look at this statistic shows that from 9-5, Fairfax is virtually overrun by mall shoppers and professionals working in corporate offices.  Between Fairfax with its very high 2.65 daytimer to night-timer ratio (ERR) and nearby Tysons Corner with a stratospheric 5.78 ERR, Fairfax County has become a veritable El Dorado for daytime services such as dentistry.

In brief, if you are a fresh-out-of-school dentist, Fairfax VA should be on your short list of locations to begin your new life.  For as long as companies like Rolls Royce, Northrop Grumman, Volkswagen, SAIC and SRA choose us for their corporate headquarters, a Fairfax VA dentist will never lack for clients.

Dentist Fairfax may be plentiful, but this helpful guide will direct you to the best Dentist in Fairfax for your family. Check it out before you choose!

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