Expert engineer help building saucer “UFO”?

Question by Nick: Expert engineer help building saucer “UFO”?
Ok so I’m building a flying machine in the shape of a saucer. It’s going to have rounded edges, flat bottom and a “UFO” type clear half sphere cockpit cover. So basically what I’m building looks like a freaking UFO haha. Anyway it’s going to have 6 fans on the bottom to give lift, so far it’s designed that each fan has it’s own motor. He actual size of this thing is about 5-8 feet in diameter. I also have thought about putting 2 more fans facing straight always towers the horizon (sorry that’s the easiest way to explain) just to push the thing forward once It has lift. So based off of all the info I just gave what would be a good motor to use that is powerful enough so that when combined with 5 other fans (6 in all) will be able to lift hopefully 1500 lbs. now i guess I would allow anywhere from 500 to 1500 lbs. of lifting capability I just want to be able to sit in this thing and fly maybe around 50 feet. Also under the half sphere cockpit cover I had planned on putting the batteries underneath where I would pilot this thing. And please don’t answer below saying this can’t be done because I already know it can. Thanks.

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Answer by paulofhouston
Batteries??! It will never get off the ground.Batteries have a terrible weight to power ratio so what ever motor you get is of little consequence.

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