Encyclopedia Brown and the Case of the Secret UFOs

Encyclopedia Brown and the Case of the Secret UFOs

Everyone’s favorite kid sleuth is back to solve ten new confounding cases!

Encyclopedia Brown returns, and with his uncanny knack for trivia, he helps solve mysteries for the neighborhood kids through his detective agency. But his dad is also the chief of the police department, and every night Encyclopedia Brown helps him solve his most puzzling crimes. Join Encyclopedia Brown here as he solves ten new and mysterious conundrums, including a case of stolen medallions, the secret of an old diary, a case of a shipwreck, and many more. And with the clues given in each case, readers can solve these mysteries too!

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Proof of Ezekiel’s ETs – Extreme UFOs of the Bible (Revised and Annotated)

This latest edition includes:

* 3 new Chapters written by Chet Dembeck including new evidence connecting ancient astronauts with the mysterious “Mound Dwellers” of North America.
* The connection between the Biblical Prophet Enoch and extraterrestrials
* The influence of ancient astronauts on the garb and rituals of Navajo medicine men and their sacred symbols — plus numerous new illustrations!


In 1961, way before anyone dared to seriously connect the Biblical writings of the prophet Ezekiel to visitors from the outer space, ancient astronauts or extraterrestrials, Arthur W. Orton did.

Orton presented a compelling case that Ezekiel did indeed experience many extreme encounters of the third kind that he chronicled in the Bible using his limited vocabulary to describe technical and fantastical machines and god-like beings from an advanced civilization.

After reading and editing this vintage account, I de

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