Edgar Mitchell UFO interview on Kerrang Radio 23 july 2008

We are not alone. Edgar Mitchell talks about his UFO experiences and what he knows for certain.
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  1. @paranorma1palace video.google.com/videoplay?docid=8614351526846808167#

    thats all the evidence, actual recordings of experienced pilots reporting UFO’s , even recordings from NASA missions and the military.

  2. Come on, why are we humans so naive?

    There are 10^22 stars out there, because we can only see stars, planets don’t reflect light.

    That means there are a LOT more than 10^22 planets,

    so who believes that we are the only lifeform in the universe?

  3. @gavinscott10
    absolutely, so many comments are just from hardcore-skeptics who wouldn`t even believe in UFOs if E.T. would land in their backyard. It`s always swamp gas, weather phenomenon, space junk or weather balloons. The thing is that there is evidence all over the place but then they say it`s all fake of course. So for the skeptics in here: DO YOUR RESEARCH BEFORE YOU WRITE SOME BULLSHIT you have absolutely no knowledge about. Disclosure Project is a good place to start on that subject.

  4. @consciousGOD I’m looking for an audio clip or video of Neil slipping and saying that maybe you can help me out?

  5. @paranorma1palace I’m afraid he is a bit of a nut job. Whilst on the way to the Moon he conducted ‘telepathy’ experiments. Although he was an astronaut and a brilliant man that doesn’t automatically give him unquestionable credence.

  6. i dont believe we have been visited, simply because there is no evidence, although its really hard to argue with a guy who walked on the fucking moon, however i must add, that he hasnt come up with any evidence, i wish he would 🙁

  7. I have the deepest respect and admiration for Edgar Mitchell. It’s nice to see someone of his caliber confirming what I’ve suspected for over thirty years.

  8. At last the truth could come out. I’ve been a believer for many years. My own clips feature my EBE…

  9. @edamsleez You are a retard, if you don’t believe in alien presence you really are blind. Fools will be fools.

  10. The next alternative to alien abduction is a ‘MILAB’; this hypothesis while still remarkable is considerably more likely than the purely alien alternative. It is in many ways equally worrying, not least because the protagonists are not necessarily operating with the consent or authority of the British Government and are almost certainly working to their own, quite separate agenda.

    The likelihood of governments to target their own people for experimentation is far from unique

  11. @gavinscott10 ..It means little..and it is you who is not reading the small print regarding this subject…read comments below..because intelligent men like mitchell and cooper did see ufos it does not mean that ET is inside…nobody is doubting that cooper saw these ufos over west germany but in no way does it mean that ET was inside…mabey cooper and mitchell are just not regarded as trustworthy enough to be in the loop of our own technology and you can understand why with the given utube vid

  12. Wierd….mitchell still at the end of the day has not seen a ET…this along with no first hand evidence and the fact that nazis were experimenting with ufos saucer craft in the 40s and operation paperclip took the nazi scientists back to the states at end of war a good 2years before roswell would seriously make an argument of the crashed discs at roswell being our own technology…no one is doubting ufos everybody has seen them its who is inside them..read post above about MILAB..

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