Dreamland: UFOs And Area 51

“Area 51”, as it is commonly called, is a large military base in the remotest of the remote part of the US state of Nevada. It clearly deals with a lot of top secret high technology R&D work, for the most part involving prototypes of futuristic military aircraft and various technologies that will (ideally) make them better than that possessed by any other country. The question most often asked is whether of not 1) America has in its possession one or more ‘flying saucers’, crashed or otherwise; 2) if ‘yes’, are the saucers extraterrestrial, and if so, 3) is any associated alien technology being back-engineered in order to give America that futuristic edge in military aviation?


Many UFO investigators will tell you, but obviously can’t prove is that if UFO sceptics could have access to the secrets of Area 51, well, they just wouldn’t be sceptics any longer. The idea that Area 51 is a geek’s paradise getting to play with all sorts of alien high-tech gadgets is also well re-enforced in the film and TV industry, and a common plot in sci-fi alien cover-up conspiracy novels. An obvious example was the many references to Area 51 in the hit sci-fi TV series “Stargate: SG-1”.  


If a government, any government of any country, had possession of alien technology, say the remains of a crashed flying saucer, there is little doubt that the powers-that-be would try to 1) figure it all out and b) keep it secret from other foreign powers-that-be. That would be the case as well if say the Americans were to obtain terrestrial technology with military applications from captured Russian or Chinese or for that matter even Australian hardware. Thus, it would come as no real surprise that such a government would have one or more top secret sites where such back-engineering would be done, and secrets kept. However, even if no government had any alien technology, they still would have top secret sites for producing, testing, and etc. terrestrial technology vital to national security. Thus, the existence of Area 51 (a.k.a. Dreamland) does not of necessity prove that the United States (in this example) has alien technology in its possession. But, if you accept Roswell (and/or other tales of captured alien technology), then Area 51 (or akin) follows of necessity.


So, even assuming that Area 51 (Groom Lake, Nevada) has bugger-all to do with UFOs doesn’t negate secrecy going on. There’s no denying the place exists. That’s on the public record. Satellite and ground photographs exist. There’s no getting around the fact that signs are posted around the site that there will be ‘no trespassing’ and that if you do, ‘use of deadly force is authorised’ to keep you out. [That especially includes UFO believers!] That too is on the public record, filmed and documented. Translated, there are things going on at Area 51 the American government and military doesn’t want anyone to know about. Pine Gap in Central Australia is another such location. Many more exist throughout the world. You want cover-ups, censorship and related – call it what you will. Well, something that immediately comes to mind was the Manhattan Project. Then there’s that U-2 spy plane (and a whole range of stealth military aircraft that remained top secret while in development). Likewise, the Project Mogul package designed to detect foreign nuclear weapons testing, launched to high altitudes by balloon, as beloved as an explanation for Roswell. (I’m sure Project Mogul existed, whether it really explains Roswell is quite another matter.)


In conclusion, if the American government/military has in its possession alien technology, probably from a crashed UFO (flying disc), probably the one from Roswell, then Area 51 is a likely place for it to end up, and you, part of the great unwashed with no need to know, aren’t likely to find out the real facts of the matter anytime soon. The powers-that-be will deny have extraterrestrial technology in their possession, but they would have to say that regardless of whether or not it was really true.


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