do you think the goverment knows about ufo”s?

Question by easynow32778: do you think the goverment knows about ufo”s?
is the goverment and nasa hiding the fact that there are aliens visiting this planet ?…….do you think the roswell incident was real ?

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Answer by michael m
yes of course they do, and soon,i hope they will tell us

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  1. They’re just trying to preocupy our minds with this alien crap. They don’t say anything about it hoping that people will get ideas totaly far fetched. Roswell was either just an object from space or something NASA decided to do to have people make up some weird ideas.

    Aliens arn’t visiting the planet I don’t believe it is crap, and if they are they havn’t hurt us so far so I could care less.

  2. they probably do know about the ufo and the aliens but they are keeping it a secret coz they like us are learning to deal with it. yes i do believe that the roswell is real. i also believe there are other light forms out there but we have not seen them and they have not seen us as yet.

  3. the government is creating non existant life forms and voice morphing technology in Los Alamos , they are covering up the flouride being pumped into drinking water that lowers IQs rendering americans ignorant and easy to control, and sparks cancer growth to feed the greedy pharacutical and medical industry. many people are dieing from our governemnt and by corporte greed, america is far from free. the food additives, pesitcides, gas powered engines will generate offspring with extremely low IQ and extremely low life spans <50yrs. all for what? money? fame? power?

    We the people of the united states make our laws not the greedy assholes we elect to repersent us, or the big corporate demons

    personally i would purify the world and repent my sins later .

    "kill em all and let god sort em out'


  4. Not as much as you would like.

    Lifeforms there on other planets come here none have.

    Too far to travel it is.

    Humans are too much into mysteries they are.

  5. Yes, they covered it.
    Can anyone tells me the what’s the government suffering for cover up the truth?
    Per chap, that is their secret weapon. They do not want other country to know about it so they cover up.

  6. no I think they have secret weapons for emergencys and keep them locked up so no other country will try to copy them.

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