Do you know what “UFO” stands for?

Question by More gravy than grave: Do you know what “UFO” stands for?
if someone claimed to have seen a UFO what would you think of them?
precicely, the margine for possibility is too expansive to associate them with flying saucers.
I thought this was the politics section, where’d all these myspace gurus come from.

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Answer by musophan
unidentified flying object.. duh!

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  1. Unidentified Flying Object

    I would think they need help, unless they had proof

  2. I would think they believe what they have seen. I know too many sane logical educated professional people who have seen things they cannot explain.

  3. Un identified Flying Object, I would think they saw somthing they cant explain and no less of them for it.

  4. I’d think they saw something, but I’d doubt that it was an alien life form in an “unidentified flying object”

    well, actually, ANYTHING can be a UFO.. it’s a Flying Object that no one has Identified yet.. so I’d probably think that they just don’t know what it is yet.

  5. I’ve seen lots of UFOs….they were objects, that were flying, that I couldn’t identify. Now that I have a boyfriend that is ex-Air Force, I see less UFOs.

  6. Unidentified Flying Object.
    I have never seen one in person.
    A guy showed me a videotape with what he said were UFOs, but they were so small, shot from such a distance, that they could have been anything!
    Anyway, I knew a guy (he passed away since then) who worked for UFO magazines in the golden age of UFOs and swore to me the pictures were all faked.

  7. The true meaning is not Unidentified Flying Object but rather Unexplainable Flying Object. The label “UFO” fails and cannot be taken literally. Sometimes the “UFO” label is applied to meteors or sometimes the planet Venus which neither one of which is “flying” so I think they were all returned to Earth, suitable re-conditioned, as heads of government. Seeing a UFO is one thing which could encompass many different possibilities. But what about the people who claim to have been abducted by space ships and probed before returning back to Earth? Too bad they didn’t take any photos from inside the spaceship with their cell phones as proof of real evidence.

  8. UFO – Unidentified Flying Object. And i would not believe in their existance until i see one myself!

  9. An unidentified flying object could be anything (747, cardinal, baseball, icy snowball, mother’s pizza, etc.) until you get close enough to check it out!

  10. Though I’ve never seen one I certainly don’t deny the possibility of their existence. Out of a vast and infinite universe that we know relatively little about it would be absurd for anyone to think otherwise. No one has ever seen the wind either but we know it exists. Do a Google search on Area 51 or Groom Lake just for starters and see what you think.

  11. At first I did not know what it meant too!!! Don’t worry if people make fun of u or laugh!!
    Anyway, It stands for
    Hope this helps =)

  12. UFO is short for Unidentified Flying Object

    It means that it is just a flying object which you cannot identify.
    These objects are often believed to be an extraterrestrial space ships, or at least small ships transported by a big extraterrestrial mothership.

    Sometimes it is used for flying saucer type of vehicle, which some inventors are trying to build or they have already built.

    If somebody says that he has seen an UFO, I would think he has seen something what he hasn’t been able to identify and that it was flying.

    It might happen often. There is a lot of objects in atmosphere which we can’t say what they are, if we aren’t close enough. For example there are meteorologic balloons. They are often called UFO.

    If there is some extraterrestrial space ship and we call it UFO, it would mean that we don’t know it is extraterrestrial space ship. If we are sure that it is a space ship, than it is not UFO for us, because we identified it as a space ship.

    Anyway, many people use UFO as term for extraterrestrials and their ships, which is wrong. It is just something unknown flying.

  13. Well if you ask anyone in the UFO Community then it would be an extraterrstial vehicle, which was coined in ww2.

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