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0 thoughts on “Do you belive that “UFO”s are alian’s spacecrafts? or just a big hoax?

  1. I’ve seen one. I told the story on Y/A the other day.

    I’ll include the link.

    Why do they have to be one or the other? Why can’t people say that they just don’t know?

  2. Consider that UFO’s only started appearing after humankind discovered flight. Before that, the same phenomenon was described as angels or demons whisping through the sky. People tend to see what they believe in the most.

  3. Neither. A UFO is an UNIDENTIFIED flying object. It could be anything that the witness is not able to readily idfentify. I’ve seen UFOs. Many of them, after a short period of observation, turned out to be mundane things like aeroplanes or satellites, or even birds. Others I never was able to identify, but that doesn’t mean they weren’t real, or that they necessarily were alien spacecraft.

    Just remember what the U in UFO stands for when reading these reports.

  4. Here’s a fun quote:
    “In my years of online discussions with creationists, three different creationists, at different times, have told me in all apparent seriousness that flying saucers are actually time machines that are used by atheistic scientists to travel back into the past and plant fake fossils as evidence for evolution.” — Lenny Flank

  5. If by UFOs you mean Flying Saucers, I doubt they are one big hoax, rather lots and lots of little ones. Those that aren’t, are in all probability mistakes.

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