do ufo”s exist around the great lakes?

Question by kikaluv22: do ufo”s exist around the great lakes?
eyewitness accounts wanted

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Answer by José Frink
UFO’s exist anywhere untrained observers, through ignorance, cannot identify prosaic astronomical phenomena.

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  1. Simple answer:  no.

    Detailed answer:

    Yes, there are UFOs — unidentified flying objects — in that all flying objects are unidentified until somebody identifies them.

    Are they of extraterrestrial origin?  Given the vast distances of interstellar space, no.


  2. Saw a great UFO near Lake Charlevoix about 35 years ago.

    Had about a hundred witnesses, too.

    Oddly, not a single one of us thought it was a Flying Saucer.

    It was definitely Unidentified, though.

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