Did NASA Really Find UFO?

NASA unveiled a secret which keeps hanging the media’s appetite- the “unusual objects” that Council recently found is not UFO (unidentified flying object, or known as UFO), nor aliens, but a black hole of only 30 years old near earth, which is the youngest black hole found in the history of human sciences.

The youngest black hole is found by astronomers using NASA’s Chandra X-ray telescope, which provides a unique opportunity for observing on the objects in the infant period.   NASA press conference in a statement issued the same day that the black hole will help scientists better understand how massive stars explode, the star after the explosion left a black hole or neutron star, as well as the quantity of black holes in our Milky Way and other galaxies.



The 30-year-old black hole is the ember of the supernova “SN1979C” in the M100 galaxy which is about 50 million light-years from Earth. According to Chandra X-ray telescope, Swift satellite the United States, the European Space Agency Newton X-ray Telescope (XMM-Newton) and the German Roentgen satellite-derived data, it shows a bright X-ray source, which has been very stable in 1995 to 2007 during this observation period, suggesting that this object is a black hole, it is swallowing the falling supernova material of the companion star.


This is the only black hole which is witnessed by a human during its formation period.  It is also the only direct evidence that supernova explosions are now able to form black holes. Cambridge, Massachusetts, Harvard – Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, Daniel • Pat Arnold, who leads the study, said: “If our interpretation is correct, it is an example for the observance of the most recent instance of the birth of a black hole.”

Early on in the November 10, the notice on NASA official Web site would hold the news conference today for the recent discovery of “unusual object” but did not elaborate which giving rise to widespread speculation that the discovery is enough to “shock all mankind”. Media also announced the discovery may be an alien or UFO. Therefore, a large number of fans have been waiting for this conference, “Chandra” X-ray Observatory; the official website was also visited by a large number of people.  After the conference, many people are deeply disappointed, and some criticized NASA’s trick, also accused the news media speculation.

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