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Question by ItalianGangst3r: Did anyone see this “UFO” or know what it could have been?
Okay, so last night (May 30, 2010) I saw this object in the sky. It looked just like a star, then it started moving. So i figured im seeing things. When my buddy said he saw it too, I knew there was really a moving object up there. But like I saw, it was just a dot. An average star. Looked Medium sized compared to other stars but it was moving.

To give some what an exact location, ill do my best to explain it.
My location: North western New Jersey
Time: Between 10:48-10:50 P.M.
UFO: Heading south (Towards Florida maybe Mexico)
To give you an idea, The Big Dipper was in the North Western part of the sky.

The UFO did NOT light up then die nor was it going super fast. It slowly moved across the sky, then got a little faster, and then was gone. Just like that. It did not fade it just disappeared.

Did anyone else see that? Or have any idea what it could possibly have been?

I found this amazing because I LOVE astronomy, and I feel this could be a start!

BY THE WAY: I dont know much about meteors and stuff like that, so please, bare with me.

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