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0 thoughts on “Declassified Cover-Up of the Roswell UFO Crash (Full Documentary)

  1. Denied access till now? If you just would have slipped Luther there a
    Jackson and a 6 pack you could have had the actual files years ago!

  2. Thanks for watching. Proudly brought to you by the CIA with the
    co-operation of the FBI. Nothing in this video is in favor of the
    conspirator but it makes the Army and government look good. Must be ALLLL a

  3. The ONLY THING they should get right is. Is it a round, metallic Flying
    Saucer? Or was it a triangular, stingray shape?

  4. at 36:15 this piece of shit says,”the animals who participated” animals
    don’t participate in experiments you ass hole, they were just killed! This
    whole show is just a bunch of BS! Do you really think people are so stupid?
    I really hope one day the world will be a better place!

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