The anatomy of these six beings does fit the reported Alien profile of having large heads,Hair less bodies,large black almond eyes, long fingers, three toes,…
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  1. That’s the real deal! They don’t have sex organs because they aren’t “Born
    this way”
    The way they begin their lives starts in a tube full of enzymes and
    nutrients. Several electromagnetic waves are used to produce a DNA hologram
    that the enzymes begin to replicate to form the solid body. Once the body
    is fully formed the memories are programmed using electromagnetic frequency
    induction stimulation. They don’t eat the way we do either. They absorb
    most of their nutrients through their skin and the nutrients and enzymes
    are the same as the nutrients and enzymes that they where “born” in. Since
    the same DNA hologram and the same memory holograms are used to make each
    one they’re identical from the start but are susceptible to environmental
    factors that could lead to mutations as well as illness, disease and death.

  2. Those dead alien spirits have incarnated themselves in top leaders of the
    Maybe or just a thought

  3. For me it’s fake. Their eyes looks just like you see in cartoon movies.
    Except…they are not green.
    What I kind of believe in are mermaids. Not like in fairy tales but ugly
    ones, half ones,… you never know what it is in the sea. They haven’t
    fully explored yet. And I also believe in life in space. There are millions
    planets , far away then “pluto” the not planet planet.

  4. Again ——— such blurry indistinct ‘pics’. Get a reasonable camera next
    time. Sony, Nikon or Canon — even Samsung will do the job.

  5. When people say FAKE about vids like this, is a bit of a rush to the
    conclusion really. I think people who say FAKE are maybe/probably scared of
    it being true. Well I want it to fact, real, touchable. These aliens are
    obviously different from us humans, so stop saying: “I cant see their
    dicks!” “Where are their bellybuttons!” or “I cant find their tits!” They
    are freaking different. Their way to reproduce is probably with chemicals
    and their science. WHO THE FUCK KNOWS? But just dont speed type FAKE before
    you know it as a fact. At least hope it’s real ’cause it will be

  6. Why are they always naked and never have any genitals?

    Right Robert s….funny that yours was the first comment and was along the
    sames lines as what I was thinking.

  7. That is exactly what the government want you stupid motherfuckers to
    think….How the hell can you believe in God when you haven’t seen his
    ass????? Yes I grew up in church and yes I have read the bible I did the
    same thing in school with the history books don’t mean I am going to sit by
    and believe everything that the fucking government put out here.
    Everything is always fake when you mfs don’t have a clue can’t buy a clue
    and only continue to be brainfucked by the government. Until a person can
    tell me they actually seen God then fuck what is being told…The bible is
    full of shit one min it states in different scriptures that many seen God
    with their own two eyes but then you back and read Exodus along with other
    scriptures that states if you see God you will die…How the fuck is that
    so and why is shit so contradictory???? None of you have an answer…If
    Adam and Eve were the only two bitches on earth then where does all these
    nationalities come from and how the hell do white people feel that someone
    told their ass they were more superior….BULLSHIT!!!!!!!! Don’t give a
    damn if I stepped on toes in here don’t give a damn if anyone have
    something negative to say back….I will say now FUCK you with a sick
    dick…I said it and I stand behind it……….Keep on believing the
    bullshit…..Aliens built this damn planet not some fucking God that
    appears to be smoke….You can’t believe shit someone say to you face to
    face and now I’m suppose to follow rules and regulations by something that
    don’t exist….Most people don’t even go to church except the shit their
    old ass relatives have told them…How many of you actually sit down and do
    your own research?????? If Aliens are fake then so is GOD….

  8. nella televisione italiana hanno mostrato la scena della seria trasmessa in
    italia e nn solo del telefilm x files quindi e un fake

  9. They are humanoid/alien hybrid clones. Created to look similar to us so we
    accept them. They are like drone worker bees created for a task and adapted
    for our climate and atmosphere. The actual aliens creators haven’t revealed
    their true physical form to us yet.

  10. Agree with Zaakira, i only believe in what i see, Any religion is man made
    and religion causes all issues in the world.
    Aliens may exist but until i shake ones hand then i will start believing.

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