Dead ALIEN bodies from roswell UFO crash

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Video Rating: 3 / 5

Open Minds was recently able to get an exclusive interview with Christine Tulk, the granddaughter of Sheriff George Wilcox, who was one of the first to see the Roswell UFO crash debris in 1947….
Video Rating: 5 / 5

0 thoughts on “Dead ALIEN bodies from roswell UFO crash

  1. If there is Government who is spying on me… Fucking come bring me so I
    can work with the Aliens… Naturally don’t violate my free will or you
    will be spiritually damned for eternity

    I know you are probably scared of them… and perhaps you should be… some
    of them might be malevolent some might not be

    But Fuck I’m bored… I promise to help us all… all 3 of us… me you and
    the Alien… A win-win-win

    Yes a win-win can be done and a win-win-win can also be done

    Tbh though 3rd parties and more need to be evaluated but it can be done

    FUCK This place is so damn boring

  2. Honestly another good video fucked up by bullshit music, sensational
    special effects, stop start edits, what a load of Fucking wank! Really if
    someone has accessed some real genuine leaked video that is real, and wants
    to share it for the greater good, why FUCK it up with all this Fucking
    wanky extra sensationalism bullSHIT? Ffs no wonder no one believes! Ffs
    just post the raw video for Fuck sakes, please!!

  3. This photo has the ring of reality about it ,this and the ,skinny Bob short
    film ,but this picture I’ve seen before and if it’s fake someone has gone
    to a great deal of expense for just one photo 

  4. Who else is just so bored with life that you don’t give a fuck anymore…

    Everyone should stop giving a fuck and be more detached because then
    everyone would be happy… including malevolent Aliens

  5. If this subject intrigues you and you seek the truth and not the avalanch
    of false data and lies and fan fiction speculative assumptions then I
    earnestly recommend examing the intelligence briefings on the Mega Genius .
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