Crystal Skull Explorers describe “Reverse Imaging” and UFO contact

“You start meditating. You get quiet and you get still …” Photo: Jon Kelly

“Missy and I saw … a spacecraft,” explains Crystal Skull Explorer Katrina Head on a new episode of Secret Message TV. “The thing that really drew my attention was the colors.” Joshua Shapiro and Katrina Head, the Crystal Skull Explorers spoke to Secret Message TV before leaving for a tour which takes them into Canada with destinations in Alberta including Medicine Hat and Calgary. In British Columbia they will visit Kamloops before arriving in Vancouver during the 2nd week of November. The soundtrack from the entire 60 minute SMTV interview is also available as a new episode of The Secret Message Report – Podcast Edition.  


The pair were visiting with friends in North Carolina where they experienced more than just ghost-lights at Brown Mountain and captured them on video. Ms. Head stated that, “I saw a discular and a triangular [-shaped UFO]. And after I saw the discular, not long after that, I saw the triangular. And then I saw the colors. And then right after that is when I started receiving telepathic communication.”

Ms. Head described those communications in some detail, remarking that, “They told me … there’s some repair work that’s being done [inside the mountain]. However, it seemed that “The beings that have the spacecraft that’s going to go into the mountain to do the repair work – they’re not able to go in because of [what they described to Ms. Head as] the invading races.”

Mr. Shapiro expanded on ET connections from the explorers’ perspective: “The extraterrestrial link with the crystal skulls is an explanation of how sophisticated, advanced crystal skulls with energy we don’t understand … could have been made by a very advanced culture not from this planet … gifted to us as a tool to help us in raising consciousness and getting in touch with the inner part of our being. There’s a part of me that knows that’s absolutely correct … [M]aybe I know this because I was on board the spacecraft that brought some of those skulls to this planet.”

He also cited as evidence, “Holographic images … appearing in crystal skulls, primarily the ancient ones, showing extraterrestrials and UFO’s. [The images] are activated by color, light, sound and human energy. According to Mr. Shapiro, the co-author of his first book, Mystery of the Crystal Skulls Revealed, F.R. Nocerino, “was the expert on these kind of images.”

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