Creating a Thriving Urban Area

In downtown Cincinnati, DUI attorneys have lots of offices to assist the clients in need. There are a large number of individuals who need legal assistance in cases of drunk driving, need help finding someone to represent them in court. A lot of legal representatives are working as a public defender for the city, so they will be able to represent individuals who cannot afford or find their own lawyer. A Cincinnati DUI attorney works for the city to help bring in revenue, which is very important for the city.

The downtown life is somewhat depleted, which is partially based on the fact that the city budget is in a deficit. With the economy being in a rough spot, it is difficult to bring enough money in for all the allocated areas that need funding. Money is tight and it has to be stretched between all the different areas that need funding, which leads to some areas getting ignored. When things get ignored, the people who do frequent downtown or live there deal with the consequences. The maintenance of the city begins to go downward and the resources that people need are too expensive to keep running.

The city is looking to attempt to renew downtown life in hopes to aid the budget deficit. They are attempting to build newer high priced condos in areas that haven’t had many residents. By attempting to bring new residents into an area where there has not been as strong as a community, not only is it bringing money into the city, it also helps build a community that will be more willing to give back to city life.

More and more events seem to be hosted in the city as an attempt to revitalize the area. There are lots of festivals during the summer months that are an easy way to bring money and people downtown. Lots of these festivals also help businesses in the downtown area get more attention by giving them a booth. This will hopefully encourage people to come downtown and frequent those establishments more often, which will keep downtown life thriving.

The city officials need to be careful, however, with trying to revitalize the downtown life. As beneficial as it is to try to create a thriving city life, it can go too far if you ignore the people who are already living in the area. Officials need to remember that the people living there before they start making the changes need assistance as well. By putting in new expensive housing options and more expensive restaurants and shopping options, the residents who were living there before may feel unwelcome and may not be able to afford the lifestyle. Another issue with this situation of trying to revitalize is that most of the time the low-income or affordable housing is bought and rehabbed to make the high-priced condos. Then the previous residents are out of a home in most situations unless they are lucky and live in a city where they have laws about rent control.

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