Cool Ufo images

A few nice ufo images I found:

UFO Response Team

Image by schwa242
The UFO car that chased me on North Beach was near my home this week with a parking ticket on it’s windshield*, and you can stop calling me crazy because I finally have photographic proof that the UFO car exists! Also, I have no idea how the license plate got pixelated, IT DOWNLOADED JUST LIKE THAT OFF MY CAMERA I SWEAR!

* North Glaxorma, (aka "The Extraterrestrial State") which can only be accessed at Four Corners by finding the extradimensional angle that is perpendicular to three of the states’ corners (excluding Utah’s) is, like many states, running a high deficit and is finding creative ways to make up for it, mainly by ticketing former abductees (each granted partial citizenship after their third probing… don’t forget to get your card punched too!) who have gone vigilante.


Image by TJ_fluffy_online©
I saw this reflection when sitting outside at lunch at work! UFO? No check other images to see what it really is!

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