Conducting Temporary Repairs on Roswell Roofing: Enduring the Next Storm

While holistic roof repair must be done by a certified Roswell roofing contractor, it may be of some benefit to do temporary fixes yourself. As you never know when the next storm warning will come, patch up any kind of incipient damage until the contractor can arrive to take a look at it. While temporary fixes may not be the complete solution to most roofing problems, such measures can do a great deal to help the roof resist the next calamity. You should perform temporary fixes depending on the extent of the damage.


Leaks are the most common form of roofing damage in many residential and commercial buildings. There are many causes of leaky roofs, but every home or building owner is familiar with cracks and faults in the roofing structure. These cracks become the entry point for water, especially when it rains or when snow begins to melt. Do not take leaks for granted, because the real damage can become major and visible over time.

Take note that the leaking spots are not necessarily where the entry point for the water is located. Although looking for that spot may be a tedious task, it is not impossible. When you have located the fault where the water is seeping, temporary repair work can start immediately. One of the most ideal sealants for the job is epoxy putty, a kind of industrial adhesive known to be waterproof.

Shingle damage

Asphalt shingles are one of the most widely used kinds of Roswell roofing in the state of Georgia. However, being tiles, strong winds can blow them off the roof and physical impact can damage them. Damaged shingles, whether it is asphalt or wood, can subsequently lead to certain roofing problems such as leaks. Fortunately, spare shingles are available at hardware stores, and these are easy to install.


Some animals like to live up in the attic close to the roofing structure. Although they are harmless to humans, they are actually bad news for roofing Roswell homes have. They can chip off the roofing structure for food or building their nests to stay in the attic for good. First things first, get rid of the animals and their nests before sealing the holes in the roof that give these critters access.

It is highly recommended to start working on temporary fixes on your roof on a clear sunny day, particularly after a storm. Usually, Roswell roofing contractors respond to your call straight away, but do the repairs if that is not the case.  If the fault is left alone, it can spell disaster for the roof as well as the entire house.

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