Chinese Pyramid Is UFO Launching Pad

How does a mysterious pyramid in China and the Roswell UFO crash in New Mexico in 1947 relate to each other? Believe it or not, it does.

You probably would expect to see a pyramid in Egypt, but this mysterious pyramid sits atop Mount Baigong in western China and local legend says it’s actually an alien UFO launching tower, even though archeologists insist it is the site of a burial ground for Chinese royalty from some forgotten dynasty. The area itself lends itself to possible alien use due to the high altitude with its thin and clear air quality.

Known as the “ET Relics.,” this pyramid is in the western province of Qinghai is 165-198 feet tall. The pyramid has three caves that have triangular shaped openings and is full of red pipes that lead to the mountains and a salt lake near the structure. Another odd fact is that iron debris and strangely shaped rocks can be found all around the surrounding area.

Two of the three caves have caved in and can’t be accessed, but one is still left and it is the largest of the three. Its floor is nearly six feet off the ground and the top is about nine feet from the surface. There is a half pipe within the cave that is about 40 centimeters in diameter that angles up from the top to the cave’s insides.

There is also another 40 centimeter wide pipe that sticks out so you can only see its top above the ground. Dozens more of the odd pipes are all around the opening of the cave and their diameters range from 10 to 40 centimeters. The pipes seem to indicate the existence of some sort of highly advanced, yet undiscovered  manufacturing process.

Why China? Here’s where the Roswell connection comes into the picture. Flat  computers were allegedly discovered in the crashed alien ship at Roswell. The writing discovered on these computers looks amazingly like Chinese writing. This gives credence to the possibility that ancient aliens traveled to China at one point in time or another.

China is a powerful country that sometimes the West has ignored in the past, but could it be that China has the key to some forgotten and past important visit from aliens many years ago? Could it even be that the aliens from Roswell could have been connected with this ancient and mysterious Chinese pyramid? These and other mysterious questions may never be answered, but are very possibly true.

Written by Alieneight – Aliens and UFOs

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