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Call of Duty 4: What is this so called “UFO” glitch?

Question by Doctor Superman ツ: Call of Duty 4: What is this so called “UFO” glitch?
I have been on vacation for awhile and I am getting back tommorow so what the heck if this new glitch I’m about? I have no interest in using it honestly I just want to know what it’s all about. thanks.

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Answer by The Shadow™ ®
it lets you fly around the map and shoot from above

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0 thoughts on “Call of Duty 4: What is this so called “UFO” glitch?

  1. People basically are on the air, sniping people, ruining the fun of COD. Infinity War is working on fixing the problem for both PS3 and 360.

  2. It’s a hack that involves copying a hacked file of call of duty 4 saved data from some sites on the internet and then over-writing the one you have on your ps3 with the hacked one. After that you can fly in the game, have unlimited ammo and people can’t kill you.

  3. Well people download a save file which they replace the original file with… When in multiplayer they open up the options menu and close it again. This enables them to fly super fast around the map however they can not shoot until they disable this hack. When they disable it they become vunrebale from fire however remain floating in the air or on a building or wherever they were.

    People are using this to get inside unreachable areas (on top of trees, in pipes that were unaccessable etc) and shooting people from where they could not be shot. However Infinity War are relasing (or released) a patch to stop this hack. COD 4 was getting ruined by this and I have dropped it for now and focussing on Killzone 2.

    People, don’t hack it ruins the fun, if you want only do it in private matches.

    Anyways hope I helepd!

  4. well………. its a hack you do with a usb and your ps3. it gives you no clip (go through anything) lets you fly by pressing r1 and l1. and you can disable it so your under ground or on a building, but i wouldn’t recommend it . it will mess up your ps3 and cod4. and you have a high risk of being banned from playstation network.

    Hope this helps

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