Buildings On Mars, Oct 2014, UFO Sighting News.

FEEL FREE TO USE MY VIDEOS. I used Google Mars. The coordinates of each anomaly are below. 1st 30° 3’38.65″N 11°29’52.91″W 2nd 33°10’9.97″N 12°54’29.78″W 3rd…

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  1. Scott, stop spazzing around with your views. Move more slowly. Your vids
    can be nauseating. Also, with the faces, follow their trajectories to see
    if their is a pattern.

  2. This guy just missed a ton of other images in the scene. Look at her foot
    as it seems she is standing on the head of a serpent and it’s tongue is
    out. At the end of her hand is another face as if it had a halo above it.
    At the end of what is coming out of her hand is a large baby holding a
    bottle and is sitting looking ahead with a big nose and wide open mouth.
    The entire basin in which these images are seems to filled with a grid
    pattern of a super massive city. One of the faces must be huge mesas and
    the other a deep basin in the midst of the very large city. This guy is not
    looking very close or long as he would find a lot more than he is giving
    us. As far as the # 4 face it seems the face is smaller but attached to a
    bent over body. I looks sort of like a bandit with the black bandana with
    eye holes like the hamburgler at McDonalds.

  3. It takes a man with tenacity, courage to tell the truth. Neil armstrong was
    another one to come forward with his sighting.

  4. I live in northwest ct usa and I’ve seen this twice once in Massachusetts
    and once in kent ct above my hoyse. Moving to fast to be a plane second
    time shot by turned and circled backwards jaggedly then resumed flight.I’m
    serious ….been looking everynight now since to see it again. I know they
    r here

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