Bronx, NY UFOs – Multiple Witness Videos – August 26, 2011

The youtube names of the original uploaders are on screen… except for the last clip which was uploaded by: UFOglobalRC1 though i dont think it his content originally – could not confirm, meow.
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  1. @GentlewomanWriter I’m sorry but I can’t believe that, since I’m sure there are no aliens out there. And I trust no government in this world.

  2. @The7Legend I know you may be doubtful but one of the side effects of HALO (you tube it) is the “natural disaster” or weather anomalies. They say HALO is just to manipulate weather to emulate some type of biblical prophecy however, it’s really a sheild to protest us from alien attacks/encounters and the side effect of activating this device is earthquakes, hurricanes, tsnamis and other weather anomalies.

  3. westchester county NEW YORK has one of the highest ufo spottings definitly in the united states documented. you dont know if they were beings of the light( i definitly think they are), or negative ones but 100% authentic, im not sure why this is a surprise to anyone commenting on this video, though you rarely get a clear one like that in the bronx. galactic federation of light!!

  4. And that’s exactly what happened! I mean, is there a connection between UFOs and disasters such as hurricanes, extreme earthquakes and so? I’m honestly too doubtful about that; since it doesn’t even make a mere sense. It actually sounds nonsense.

  5. For me, this still doesn’t add up at all. Right before the mentioned date of this video, I’ve been too into the conspiracy theory, and about how the Illuminati and their new world order are staging a fake UFO attack on Earth and like that. I live in NYC and even around the time this video was made. It was actually only a day before the hurricane Irene hit the city. What is REALLY weird, at least for me, is that when the hurricane was here, I had this thought that the UFOs are here.

  6. this is crazy shit .. i experienced one myself & i shed a tear … also if you hear like something is tearing up the sky and you dont see shit ,,, it could be ET … when i seen a ufo tho for the frst time i had to call the police and none of them could answer my question of WHY are there objects watching over usss like this .. this shit aint normalll my people

  7. i saw a red ufo my dad saw a ufo the ufo was werd its a killer ufo cus it was red but i saw a nadr ufo it i just cant say it its a big ufo it was going arand and it was hiting and hiting win i went home i stand outside for 7 mins thin win i got inside i went in my dad*s room and i look out my dad*s window and it was gon but my big bro tod he saw a bunch of ufos he like saw 47 ufos and he saw a ufo tat ufo was the sids of the moon idk what to say but bye

  8. I don’t have any footage but me and the other six hundread people on Bourbon st saw the same thing in New Orleans so i know its real.

  9. i saw it too why is this not making the news ? they trying to blind us from truth why? the news is truly run by the goverment these things are trying to tell us there here …

  10. This was an Awesome video….but I’ve been seeing these pulsating rainbow colored UFO’s for 3 weeks now in St George,Utah..nightly…really strange…has anyone else seen them? You can see the Amazing footage I’ve taken of them by clicking my MoonDawgee channel moniker under this comment box…after you see the video’s I’ve taken ..(11 video’s so far of these UFO’s)…please, tell me if you’ve ever seen these kind before…and where? Thanks…I’m just trying to get some answer’s.

  11. please keep on recording people theres some weird stuff out there apperently all over i see here in miami fl what are these objects

  12. Book of Genesis chapter 6, Read it, because it tells you that Fallen Angels created HYBRID children with the woman on earth, and they are called Nephilim, they are the GIANTS of old, These Children, “NEPHILIM”, are demonic. The Aliens, are fallen Angels, and they are creating more of them selves today by creating Hybrids for the armies of Satan to posses people, to fight against Jesus Christ when he comes again for the second coming, Jesus Christ is the way, life and truth, God Bless you.

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