Spectroscope would be better, but Diffraction Grating stuffed into 1250mm scope is best I can do. Compare spectrum of fuels: www.amateurspectroscopy.com Triangle shape is most often how they present. However, this type can morph shape, size, color of lights and can hover or fly off in incredible speed, observed most often here as being oval, elongated w/tail, diamond, upside-down pyramid or sphere. MUST SEE ASAP NEW VIDEO ALSO IN PA of this type CLOSE, DETAILED AND HOVERING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! www.youtube.com THEY MIMIC our simple aircraft light arrangements to fly covertly — same as PINE BUSH, NEW YORK ones studied by Dr. Bruce Cornet & Dr. Ellen Crystall in late 80’s (pinebushufo.com). If you are observant and have high-powered binoculars, you can see them add/move/change flash patterns such as: changing flashing ‘wing’ light into a ‘headlight’, making all lights white and STEADY (FAA requires wing tip white lights to FLASH, btw) while internal ones only flash. Lights are regularly seen to be ADDED all over while the shape changes REAL TIME and even increases in size or shrinks back into a SPHERE ==same orange sphere UFOs being seen/reported worldwide. Observed to come down to closer to ground level (most often wooded) AS A METEOR — but some float down, visible only to night vision. THEY DO NOT DISAPPEAR, but either go invisible out of our visible spectrum OR move fast back out of the atmosphere. There is no ‘base’ here. They change their ‘nest’ location