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Brilliant UFO w/SPECTRUM for Analysis, June 1, 2011, Pennsylvania

Spectroscope would be better, but Diffraction Grating stuffed into 1250mm scope is best I can do. Compare spectrum of fuels: Triangle shape is most often how they present. However, this type can morph shape, size, color of lights and can hover or fly off in incredible speed, observed most often here as being oval, elongated w/tail, diamond, upside-down pyramid or sphere. MUST SEE ASAP NEW VIDEO ALSO IN PA of this type CLOSE, DETAILED AND HOVERING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THEY MIMIC our simple aircraft light arrangements to fly covertly — same as PINE BUSH, NEW YORK ones studied by Dr. Bruce Cornet & Dr. Ellen Crystall in late 80’s ( If you are observant and have high-powered binoculars, you can see them add/move/change flash patterns such as: changing flashing ‘wing’ light into a ‘headlight’, making all lights white and STEADY (FAA requires wing tip white lights to FLASH, btw) while internal ones only flash. Lights are regularly seen to be ADDED all over while the shape changes REAL TIME and even increases in size or shrinks back into a SPHERE ==same orange sphere UFOs being seen/reported worldwide. Observed to come down to closer to ground level (most often wooded) AS A METEOR — but some float down, visible only to night vision. THEY DO NOT DISAPPEAR, but either go invisible out of our visible spectrum OR move fast back out of the atmosphere. There is no ‘base’ here. They change their ‘nest’ location

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  1. Hi Alison – so happy to find you again. I am wondering if the fella from Toronto ever sees anything similar in his home area. I am from Hamilton region in Ontario and recently saw something odd on my way into work early in the morning (6:15am and dark out still) I had to keep my eyes on the road since there is quite abit of traffic. I spotted this bright light as soon as I got on the hywy and then noticed it looked like it had shape and additional lights- impression was very large.

  2. if you want to believe in angels and demons and shit its your choice…’
    but biological psychology proves otherewise…. there are no extradimensional aliens…
    if your in contact, your getting fucked with…
    look up the mind brain problem before you go on some bullshit trip /
    there is no mind without the physical brain….
    i am not an expert in physics but i can tell you there are only 3 dimensions…..
    time stands still… time is the concept of moving ojects relative to each other>>

  3. just becouse you dont know how a cell phone works doesent mean no one else does…
    the invention of the airplane happened as soon as the gas engine was invented…
    dont underestimate human beings!

  4. @hope4world3000 …In my opinion, what you just stated IS the psychological mind control… The impotent-against-alien-techonology governments of the world WANT people to think it was human-made tech and that WE humans are in control of it all…. Reverse psych — old hat tricks… I’m not buying it.

  5. UFO and remote mind reading/manipulation technology was developed by the nazis by the end of WW2 without any alien help. : there is an extreme criminal orgonizaiton working withing high ranks of the US military waging psychological against the general population pretending to be extradimensional aliens and/or angelic and demonic forces often using holograms.

  6. seeUFOS – con’t – others will think this is silly r nonsense but the have allowed themselves to be filmed by you for a reason. I think to get the public used to seeing them. There are no mistakes or coincidences.

  7. seeingUFOSA – I know from experience that if you communicate with the light ships either verbally or mentally they will respond in some way. They can see and hear you. You say they’re only around at certain times. This is not true. They are always there. I’ve seen smaller orbs being released from larger orbs. I can flash them with a pin light and they flash back. Try to develop a relationship with them. I know that sounds strange, but they have chosen to come down closer to you for a reason.

  8. Over the years I have asked and asked and asked numerous optical engineering firms to produce a camera or camcorder with a built in spectral grating so that the spectrum of a self-luminous object could be observed—-and photographed—-right on the spot. Finally now it appears that someone has gotten around to doing it.

  9. I live in Beaufort SC which has a military base and a air station close to my residence. And I see this Star shape thing in the sky every night and it huge it looks yellowish white light orange. And I don’t think it’s military I see this thing in clear view all the time when the sky is clear.

  10. @d0n77 I’d say #3 — since more reports of military coming out to chase ’em off when detected. At least showing the punks that their cover is blown in many areas.

  11. @seeingUFOsPA the fact that the military does not investigate them can only mean a few things,,

    1.they dont know they are there?

    2.they know and dont care

    3.they know and do care,but cant do a dam thing about it and dont wanna cause a scene

    4 they know whats really going on and have no need to get involved more than they already are and also they really cant do a dam thing about it anyway so why even bother,,,i like this final answer the best

    they would keep tabs on ufos if 4 was true

  12. @yourchristopher6334 (2) cont’d: on SAME nights I’d see the orange/amber orbs/fake planes/helis silent over ridges. On 7th, I didn’t look much, but saw none in my immediate skies–might have been in other patches (they mix up locations by night often). There was armed-looking Apache heli doing sweeps of area where they were seen on the 6th on Nov 7th — I’m thinking others reported to authorities the action on the 6th. They need to do that after dark if they wanna see ’em.

  13. @yourchristopher6334 (1) Did you see them on north or south side of Route 22 and at what nearest intersection? I guess I should look around 4pm now too — is clear out now…. I have seen white spheres in day while doing yard stuff, but they’ve always disappeared before able to grab cams. Check out energeeeresearch channel in North Irwin — he got them doing the ‘fake star/weather balloon’ look popping out orbs that float down — he saw them over my direction (cont’d)

  14. @seeingUFOsPA (page 2) I also saw about five aircraft with pulsing red and white lights that made no audible noise whatsoever. This was approximately 6:30 PM local time. The aircraft were still flying around at 11 PM. The next day (7 NOV), around 4 PM, I saw an orb of similar size as the large orb appear and then quickly disappear around the same area. When it disappeared, it became invisible from left to right, as opposed to the entire body vanishing all at once.

  15. @seeingUFOsPA (page 1) I was driving West on Route 22, coming from Delmont. At first I thought the bright orb was a planet, yet then around 8-10 flickering lights appeared widely dispersed around it. Also, I have never seen a planet that bright. This was many times the size and brightness of a planet. Also, I saw tiny orbs falling to the ground. They were moving nowhere near the size of a shooting star, and they also had a distinct circular shape.

  16. @yourchristopher6334 Yep — they were BACK again last night — Some kids saw some over woods by Giant Eagle, while gal in Jeannette said was loaded… and me seeing them south of Route 22 ‘march’ towards Duff Park area (the usual path by me). What part of town did you see some and around what time?

  17. @jimmybrown11111 They can and DO sometimes turn a sound on – I say ‘turn it on’ because they can switch it off instantly – as in case of araslyn (nearby resident) who had one FAKE a helicopter sound & night time look and land 100 feet away from her & instantly shut off sound & lights. NO WIND. She approached it to say “WTF are you doing landing next to my house?”, after couple steps toward it, it turned on sound/lights and went straight up & flew off. Dunno if hologram shapes or if shapeshift.

  18. This is close to the same,,, when it gets small,, looks the same,, your camera,, makes a big difference,, it is what i think it would look like if,, i could get closer to it,,!!

  19. These are more accurately called strangelets . These are a result of particle physics experiments such as cern lhc . get ready, there is a huge catastrophic event coming very>very soon!!

  20. …I think that is the best way to describe it. I had binoculars in my hand because i was looking for Elenin. lol….so i aimed them at it when it was right above and i couldn’t see it!! like someone put their hand in the way to block. so i check em and my friend says that its disappearing and im like wtf? and look up and despite still hearing the sound it was gone!….please message me i can explain in detail i need help!

  21. Hey there, I was one of these assholes up close! September 18th around 9:50 and 10:00 pm up close then showed up in the distance and stayed there until around 1:00am. In southern CA. L.A County. I’d say about 100 feet above. I want to know if you hear a sound. We thought it was a helicopter but it had red and green lights, real low altitude, and sounded like a helicopter but thinner. Like a toy but really loud. Someone with a similar encounter in PA described it like a helicopter and blimp…

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