Best Ufo sighting Summer 2013! In this UFO video compilation, we present a collection of original UFO videos that were featured for the very first time on, L…

0 thoughts on “BEST UFO SIGHTINGS SUMMER 2013

  1. With graphics getting so good and people getting off on hoaxing it’s going to get harder spotting anything real on these sites. Glad I’ve had my own experiences and don’t rely on this shit

  2. Everybody Please download these video before the government make youtube bring them down this is the kind of stuff that they dont want us to see

  3. The entire video is pathetic. Nearly all recordings of every UFO ever filmed have either been faked or can be ruled out as natural phenomenon or faulty equipment.The VAST majority being hoaxes.As far as being wrong, my comment refers to no one being wrong, maybe a poor shot at movie making or identifying, but not wrong.Taking it personal and making a bigoted comment does NOTHING to persuade anyone. A hoax is a hoax. The truth is out there. When you are wrong you’re not German–you are just you.

  4. Okay, because there where a lot of sightings over battlegrounds in Syria for example. But yes, now i hear the crackle after the explosions, when i turn up the volume. We have the same kind of fools here… all year long. 4th of july is independence day in your country, isn´t it? Sorry, when i am wrong, i am german.

  5. No….no those are not gunshots. Those would be fools. Fools, lighting firecrackers. The VERY same type of fools that would send up a flare or rocket with a report on a small parachute and then…film it. Only these fools are kind of “special”. Very special indeed. They forgot that the day they were filming it was……THE FORTH OF JULY. Devolving at it’s finest. Hoaxing at it’s worst. And we’re walking…

  6. 4:59…really? That is the first one in the book of hoaxing. Oh I’m sorry I didn’t explain. To those who aren’t versed, a piece of glass is held in front of the camera and someone holds an illuminated object(s) behind the camera. Then corresponding reflection is then caught on the piece of glass against the background. How juvenile. And how poorly done might I add. Next please.

  7. Some obvious items in there such as Chinese lanterns and flares. However some good stuff also. Great shot of military aircraft with aurora

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