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  1. Did you know the Germans worked on making UFO’s during WW2. These are man
    made I think maybe they are testing out future equipment. Did you know the
    cars we see that are released as new in the beginning of the year have been
    stored in warehouses for years until the year they are set to be released. 

  2. Sendo montagem ou não, existe sim casos curiosos… Um presenciado em 86,
    numa cidade do interior do PR. Mais de 50 pessoas que estavam juntas, viram
    a mesma coisa e entraram em desespero… Pensaram até que era o fim do
    mundo. Ligações em rádios e mídias, mas o caso foi abafado … Eram 4
    pontos de luz no céu, subiram e partiram um ao lado do outro, em ângulos
    denominados impossíveis.

  3. There is a wall of ignorance, disbelief and stigma that has been propagated
    by governments, mainstream media and corporations for the last 60 or so
    years. I have myself seen a UFO whilst camping in Warwick QLD Australia. I
    hope one day the public learns the truth then perhaps we can move forward.
    People do have a right to know.

  4. Notice that with all of the video cameras we have today and not one single
    legitimate video of a UFO. Fact, We have never been visited by Aliens in

  5. I don’t get it. There have been thousands of sightings, but not a single
    UFO has been examined. You’d think at least one of the UFOs would make
    contact with Earth; Maybe at least one alien would have had a bad day and
    crashed. Am I totally wrong or are we all missing something? 

  6. Aliens,Trolling humans since the beginning of time. Also don’t forget about
    the 2,465 satellites that orbit the Earth.

  7. I definitely believe there is life other than us haha I just don’t think
    we’ve come into contact with it yet. 

  8. They come to earth and give some humans powers. Like jesus or an x men
    character for example. Make us more interesting I guess.

  9. I think i saw a ufo last night which made me come on here because it
    freaked me the fuck out. Last night at around 4 in the morning i looked out
    my window and seen a redish orange light in the sky, no stars were visible
    just this light and i thought to myself that is weird and as soon as i
    thought that it just faded out and disappeared but reappeared in a
    different part of the sky then it faded again but reappeared over my house
    for all of two seconds. I told my girlfriend but she just told me to shut
    up. It freaked me out because i had the feeling that whatever it was knew i
    was looking at it, i don’t even know why i looked out the window in the
    first place. Im living in Ireland so its not common to see that shit here

  10. i also think UfO are highly intelligent and advanced being ,that probably
    wants to extinct everyone on earth and take over our planet. this why the
    government doesn’t tell us bt it cause of fear of panic. why there is so
    many people with cancer ????? could be that the earth is being poisoned by
    aliens ??? there s more then we think. anything is possible…. its all
    this virus cancer..flu …around the our world.. iits just weird..and they
    are always around in the space doing some kind of work in earth. 

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