Best UFO Sighting In Broad Daylight June 23, 2011 Best UFO Sighting In Broad Daylight June 23,2011 More of this amazing close up encounter coming next week! Subscribe for more updates!
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0 thoughts on “Best UFO Sighting In Broad Daylight June 23, 2011

  1. Interesting computer generated imaging……what program was this and who
    creates the designs for these fake space craft?

  2. The witnesses sound pretty calm when it is hovering menacingly close, but
    when it zips away out of sight that is when they decide to scream and shit
    their pants. Right. 

  3. LIES, LIES LIES shame on you for representing and elevating this sort of

    you are morally bankrupt and care only about views, not reality

  4. What position? All they ever show are fakes. They have no credibility
    whatsoever. Is that wire wool under your nose?

  5. Agreed..but you know,I’m also tired of the blurry,blobby UFO’s too..I think
    the few videos I’ve seen that were kind of in between this crap and the
    blob UFO’s though there was something authentic there..unfortunately,most
    videos either are too blurry to get an accurate view,or they are “clear as
    day” like this one and totally fake..but that’s why people need to learn
    something called discernment..

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