FACEBOOK : PLENTY INFO BELOW COMPILATION EDIT BY YOUTUBE : “Strange sounds of UNKNOWN origin penetrating through the earth. The phenonema has been on going for months now in various parts of the world and has been given no real explanation to how or why….

0 thoughts on “BEST COMPILATION UFO? EARTH SOUNDS?TECTONIC PLATES SHIFTING? – Around the World 2011 (Earthquakes?)

  1. @1337soldiahs And the rest? They all sound very similar and i doubt that they were all just “wind blowing through something” in almost every recording.

  2. Regarding the one in Tropicana, that place is fairly close to a US military AFB, also known as “one of those places full of military jets and shit”. The one in Ukraine was confirmed to be wind humming through something, like large pipes in large construction sites.
    Move along, nothing to see here.

  3. @gamehacker828 You have serious Issues (note the capitalization of the word issues to stress it) Maybe Chewabaka took a dump on your brains cause all you’re doing is talking shit you douche… stfu before I make you moan and groan with my hot rod!

  4. @alawooz – how would anyone have heard chewbaka taking a shit? I also love how you capitalized chewbaka as if it were an actually person or real for that matter.

  5. …..theres some quote out of the bible about mankind fearing earthly noises in the end times….pretty weird ……….i gotta feeling its the plates moving…after all they gotta make SOME kind of sound dont ya think?

  6. Tectonic plates shifting? LAMO Gimme a break! If a tectonic plate shifts so bad that it sounds like THAT and buildings are still standing, I’ll be a monkey’s uncle

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